ControlUp Monitor Alert - insufficient data uploaded

If you received this alert it means you are still uploading data but we've noticed that you are now connected to significantly less ControlUp agents than before.
Possible reasons are as follows:

  • This is intentional from the customer side for example some machines are offline for Migration or due to a holiday.
  • The monitor cannot connect to some machines due to a service account locked or password changed, in Monitor Settings screen, you can see the relevant errors in both Summary and Monitored Resources tabs:
    Summary: Resources Connected shows lower number of connected machines.
    Monitored Resources
    : Shows the errors per Agent, the root cause can be agents not upgraded (prior to 7.1), no connection using the port (40705), agent service not running etc.
    You can also verify if the agents connects using the console.

  • The user running the monitor is NOT a local admin on those machines therefore cannot Start the agent's service or Install the agent (in agent's temp mode).


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