Setting up a Schedule Task for Backing Up IOP Activity Files.

Following the How to Backup IOP Activity Files share article; 

In this article, we'll do a walkthrough on how exactly to set up the backup script as a scheduled task in your Insights machine so the activity file share will be over-sized or taking all of the disk space. 

NOTE - This article is for On-Premises customers only.


  1. The script MUST run on the machine running IOP (InsightsOnPrem)
  2. The user needed to run the script is an IOP Admin (the original Admin account).
    • The password should not contain a $doller sign. 
  3. You need 7zip installed or it's command line version 7za.exe (downloadable via this link). 
  4. Download the script at the bottom of this page.


  1. Press the Windows + R keys on your keyboard to open Run (or use Start), and then type taskschd.msc in the open field.
  2. Right-click 'Task Scheduler Library' and choose 'Create Task'.
  3. In the newly opened window we'll fill out the following in the General tab; 
    1. Task Name - this name will be displayed as the task name.
    2. Description - a short detailed description so colleagues will know that it's used by ControlUp. 
    3. Select the 'Run whether user is logged on or not' 
    4. Mark the 'Run with highest privileges
    5. You can configure the task to be coded to your local OS.
  4. In the Triggers tab, click New.
    1. In this guide, we'll use Daily at midnight but you can configure it based on the available size of the disk. Every Sunday is also good and the task will re-occur every day\week.
  5. In the Actions tab, click New.
    1. In Action, select the 'Start a program' option
    2. Program/script will be 'PowerShell'
    3. Add arguments will be based on your choosing. The script holds a Synopsis which explains which methods you can use. In this example, I choose the syntax that creates the zip files in a remote location and then removes the original files to save space in the backup directory This is the command: 
      C:\Archive-Files.ps1 -username admin -password P@ssw0rd -DeleteSource 
    4. Start in is optional but over here since the script is located in C:\, I've placed it as a pointer. 
  6. Press OK and you'll be prompted to enter the credentials of the service account\other AD account the task will run as. 

Once done, you can right-click the task and Run to test the task integrity.


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