TimeStamp Patch for Insights On-Premises (IOP)

Important Notes:
1. This article is for ControlUp On-Premises customers only!
2. This patch only applies to IOP 3.5 and below.

The Issue

Beginning of January 1, 2020, un-patched IOP instance may be unable to recognize timestamps from events where the date contains a two-digit year. This means data that meets these criteria will be indexed with incorrect timestamps. While we do not expect any issues due to the fact we use epoch time, we recommend patching as a precautionary measure.

The Solution

To implement the new TimeStamp Patch for the IOP.

Please download an updated version of datetime.xml and apply it to your IOP server

After you download the file, you must apply it directly over the existing datetime.xml file using the following procedure. You must apply the updated file to all affected On-Premises IOP instances prior to January 1, 2020.
If not applied, you may experience timestamp recognition problems from that point forward.

  1. Download the "datetime.xml" timestamp recognition file from here.
  2. Save it on your ControlUp Insights On-Premises server.
  3. On each IOP instance, do the following:
    • Using your operating system file management utilities, copy the updated datetime.xml from the location where you downloaded it to the $IOP_HOME/etc directory (i.e. c:\program files\smartx\controlup insights\etc) on the IOP platform instance.
      Note: Ensure that the updated file overwrites the existing file.
    • Confirm that the new datetime.xml has been written to the $IOP_HOME/etc directory.
    • Restart the IOP platform.

      Your IOP platform instance is now patched!
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