Horizon Integration

Version 8.1 of ControlUp allows VMware Horizon integration by monitoring and collecting metadata directly from Horizon API. This allows ControlUp to display real-time Horizon specific information.

Native API integration with VMware Horizon enables customers to add Horizon environments to the ControlUp Console in a few clicks, including:

  • Automatic discovery of Horizon components in both standard and Cloud Pod architecture.
  • Seamless association of Horizon components with entities from different data sources such as hypervisors and in-guest agents for complete line-of-sight from infrastructure to process.
  • Connection server health status & license monitoring.
  • Enhanced session monitoring with Horizon performance metrics.
  • Horizon-focused presets for Horizon Pods, Connection Servers, Pools, Machines, and Sessions views.
  • Enhanced Horizon environment management capabilities include new Horizon specific:
    • Built-in actions
    • Security policy permissions
    • Script Actions
    • Automated Actions
    • Enhanced Virtual Expert rules and recommendations
  • For Horizon integration, ControlUp Agent deployment is not required for this discovery process.
  • ControlUp Agent is required in order to monitor the performance of your VDIs and Connection Servers, and in order to display processes running on your VDIs and Connection Servers.

Note: Each session discovered by the Horizon connection is counted as 1 ControlUp license.

Integration Requirements

  • Permissions
    • Read-Only
      • Manage Help Desk (Read only)
      • Direct Interaction
    • Actions
      • Enable Farms and Desktops Pools
      • Manage Machine
      • Manage Sessions
      • Manage Global Sessions (Cloud Pod architecture only)
  • Network
    • 443 open to all Horizon connection servers
  •  Support
    • Full Support - VMware Horizon v7.4 and up
    • Limited Support - VMware Horizon v7.0 to 7.3

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