Horizon Integration

From version 8.1 and up, ControlUp allows VMware Horizon integration by monitoring and collecting metadata directly from the Horizon API. This allows ControlUp to display real-time Horizon specific information.

Native API integration with VMware Horizon enables customers to add Horizon environments to the ControlUp Console, enabling:

  • Automatic discovery of Horizon components in both standard and Cloud Pod architecture.
  • Seamless association of Horizon components with entities from different data sources, such as hypervisors and in-guest agents for complete line-of-sight from infrastructure to process.
  • Connection server health status & license monitoring.
  • Enhanced session monitoring with Horizon performance metrics.
  • Horizon-focused presets for Horizon Pods, connection servers, pools, machines, and sessions views.
  • Enhanced Horizon environment management capabilities, including new Horizon specific:
    • Built-in actions
    • Security policy permissions
    • Script Actions
    • Automated Actions
    • Enhanced Virtual Expert rules and recommendations

For Horizon integration, ControlUp Agent deployment is not required for this discovery process.

The ControlUp Agent is required for monitoring the performance of your VDIs and connection servers, and for displaying processes running on your VDIs and connection servers.

Note: Each session discovered by the Horizon connection is counted as one ControlUp license.

Integration Requirements

  • Permissions
    • Read-Only
      • Manage Help Desk (Read only)
      • Direct Interaction
    • Actions
      • Enable Farms and Desktops Pools
      • Manage Machine
      • Manage Sessions
      • Manage Global Sessions (Cloud Pod architecture only)
  • Network
    • 443 open to all Horizon connection servers
  •  Support
    • Full Support - VMware Horizon v7.4 and up
    • Limited Support - VMware Horizon v7.0 to 7.3

Horizon RDSH Monitoring

From version 8.2 and up ControlUp can discover Horizon RDSH components and offer real-time visibility of RDS sessions and applications.

The new RDSH objects in the Horizon integration are displayed on the organizational tree and data grids, with drill down relations for easy troubleshooting and navigation.
The new views include real-time metrics displaying the current configuration, availability, aggregation counters, health status, and other metadata on the following objects:

  • Application Pools
  • Farms
  • RDS Hosts
  • RDS Desktop Pools
  • RDS Sessions
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