On-Premises Insights (IOP 8.1) - SSL

Use SSL Certificate in Insights On-Premises 8.1

The default installation does not include SSL. However, implementing SSL is relatively simple and recommended.

Secure the Web With Your Own Certificate

To use your own SSL, you will need to provide two files:

  1. A .crt file - this is the certificate file
  2. A .key file - this is the private key file

Follow these steps:

  1. Copy this files to the IOP machine in /opt/iop_volumes/config/iop_proxy/ssl directory
  2. cd to: /opt/iop_volumes/config/iop_proxy/ssl
  3. Rename the default .crt and .key files (don't delete them, we’ll save them in case we need to rollback):
    sudo mv server.crt server.crt.orig
    sudo mv server.key server.key.orig
  4. Rename your files as shown: 
    sudo mv <file name>.crt server.crt
    sudo mv <file name>.key server.key
  5. Run sudo docker container exec iop_proxy nginx -s reload
  6. Open IOP in the browser (make sure you are using the right DNS according to your certificate)
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