How to Deploy the Agent on Your Master Image for PVS/MCS/Linked/Instant Clones

ControlUp does not save any unique data on the managed machines. Therefore, there is no need for additional preparations beyond the proper installation of the agent and allowing inbound TCP 40705 on the master image using Citrix PVS, MCS, or VMware-linked clone technologies. 

There are two possible methods of deployment that an administrator can use to mix and match for different groups of monitored machines. Regardless of the method, the agent settings for deployment from the console (as well as for ongoing communication) are found in the Agents Settings tab:

IMPORTANT: Regardless of the method used, to monitor the PVS/MCS/clone machines, each machine must be added separately. 

Method 1

Deploy the ControlUp Agent to the master/golden image from the console, by adding the golden/master image’s machine. Once the machine is ready it turns green, and the agents on each computer deployed from that template are ready. 

In this example, you can see the machine named W10-MCSMASTER. Its icon in the organization tree is green indicating that it is connected to the console but with a yellow warning that the agent deployed needs updating. To update the agent, you right-click the machine and select Agent Control > Upgrade/Install Remote Agent.



  • When upgrading the console and environment, the agents can be updated on-the-fly from the console until the master image is updated.
  • As of version 8.2.5, the console automatically applies the required authentication key to the agent.


  • The master/golden image domain needs to be joined and able to connect to the ControlUp production environment to be configured properly.
  • The console deployment does not automatically create a Windows Firewall to enable the inbound 40705 port.

Method 2 

Install the agent using our MSI package which you access here. Select the proper version to match your console version and build, and then install the agent on the master/golden image.
To do so go to the MSI download page here, or go to Settings > Agent and click Download MSI Package and the Agent Package Download page appears.



  • Agent MSI can be installed in non-domain master/golden images or on an environment that is not connected to ControlUp. 
  • The MSI installation also creates an inbound allow rule enabling the TCP 40705 port.


  • The MSI cannot be replaced from the console, so PVS/MCS/clones remain with an older agent and while they can be monitored, new agent functionalities might not be available until the master/golden image is updated.
  • Currently, the previous MSI agent must be removed before installing a new version. This can be done manually or using a remove/add script of your own.
  • As of version 8.2.5, you must add the required authentication key manually to the MSI. To access the authentication key, go to Settings > Agent. Click the Copy button to copy the key value. For details, see Agent Security Options in Agent Settings.

Secure communications between ControlUp Console/Monitor and ControlUp Agent

For information and best practices on securing communication between the ControlUp Console and Monitors and the ControlUp Agents, see ControlUp Agent Security Best Practices.

For details on the latest security options when deploying agents, see Agent Security Options in Agent Settings.

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