List of System Processes Excluded from Insights Data

We have created a default list of system processes that are excluded from the Insights database. This is so we can continuously improve the performance around Insights and to reduce the amount of unnecessary data retained in its databases.

These system processes are removed unless they exceed any of these thresholds. If any of the processes exceeds any one of these thresholds, they do appear in your Insights.


  • Avg. CPU higher than 1%
  • Avg. Working Set memory higher than 100MB
  • Avg. IOPS (input/output operations per second) higher than 10

System processes ignored by Insights unless they breach one of the above thresholds:

  • am_delta_patch_*.exe

  • conhost.exe

  • cscript.exe

  • gpupdate.exe

  • mpam-*.exe

  • msi*.tmp

  • printisolationhost.exe

  • searchfilterhost.exe

  • searchprotocolhost.exe

  • sppsvc.exe

  • svchost.exe

  • taskeng.exe

  • tiworker.exe

  • trustedinstaller.exe

  • vds.exe

  • vdsldr.exe

  • wmiapsrv.exe

  • wmiprvse.exe

Note: If you know there are additional system processes in your environment that are not important for you to monitor and that just add unnecessary 'noise' to the Insights database, you can have those processes added to the above list by contacting

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