ControlUp On-Premises Real-Time Console Installation - Version 8.5

This article will guide you through the ControlUp on-premises Real-Time Console Installation. This installation should be performed after you completed the ControlUp On-Premises Server Installation.

To install the ControlUp Real-Time Console:

    1. Open the installation file you received from ControlUp to launch the Welcome to the ControlUp Setup Wizard. Click Next.


    2. View and accept the End-User License Agreement. Click Next.


    3. In the Select Installation Folder window, click Browse... or enter the path to the folder where ControlUp will be installed. Click Next.


    4. In the Ready to Install window, click Install to execute the installation. 


    5. Once the installation is complete, a confirmation screen appears. If you wish to launch ControlUp, check the Launch ControlUp checkbox. Click Finish to complete the installation process.


    6. If the Launch ControlUp checkbox was selected, the Welcome to ControlUp screen appears. When the Real-Time Console is launched for the first time, the on-premises server name or IP address must be provided. Click Continue.


      Note: Do not enter localhost or as it will cause issues when a ControlUp monitor is added at a later stage.

    7. If you receive a Server Certificate Error, first click the Don't show this message again checkbox and confirm by clicking Yes.

    8. The ControlUp Real-Time Console opens in the organization that you defined in the on-premises server installation. 


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