Insights - IOP Forwarder Installation - Version 8.5

The Insights on-premises (IOP) forwarder is an essential component that forwards activity files from the ControlUp Monitor instance to the IOP server(s), where the log data is indexed. The installation file installs the forwarder and creates configuration files that are used for the log forwarding mechanism. 


Where to Install

If you run multiple ControlUp Monitors in your environment and you selected a local path for activity files during the on-premises installation, the IOP Forwarder must be installed on each ControlUp Monitor server. If you configured a network share for the activity files, the IOP Forwarder must be installed on the machine, where the network share resides. 


  • A machine with the ControlUp Monitor installed.
  • A dedicated Linux machine where the activity files are forwarded to.

To install the IOP forwarder:

  1. Double-click on the installation file to start the installation wizard. Click Next.


  2. Select where you want to install the IOP Forwarder. Click Next and the IOP architecture screen appears.

  3. From the IOP architecture screen, select the type of architecture you want to use. You have the option between Standalone and Cluster


  4. From the Forwarder Configuration screen, enter the folder for the activity files and the IP or DNS of the Indexer machine (IOP server). Once selected, click Next, and the Ready to Install screen appears. 

  5. Click Install to confirm and start the installation. 


  6. Once the installation is complete, the confirmation screen appears. Click Finish to end the installation process. 

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