EPIC System Pulse SBA Instructions

The Epic System Pulse script has officially been added to the Community Scripts Library, and you can find it by clicking on the Script Actions button in the Toolbar.  Once there, do a quick search for “Epic” and you will be able to download the Script to your environment, where you can start customizing and configuring it.



Regarding usage of the script, right click on the system that you wish to grab the Epic Workflow Activity for and then type “Epic” in the search bar at the top.  This will filter down to the Epic Script.



Once selected you can configure your System Pulse Server system. This will open up the ControlUp Script Action Results Screen and prompt for a date range (up to 14 days). 



You can select a range by dragging your cursor from the desired start date to end date. Once the date range is selected, it will prompt you for credentials.  The script will then run though its process and produce the desired workflow activity.

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