SQL Server Prerequisites for On-Premises Installation

ControlUp On-premises uses Microsoft’s SQL Server to store and retrieve data, like script-based actions, trigger incidents, or historical data for Insights on-premises. During the installation of the on-premises server installation, you can choose between a Light-mode or Production-Mode installation. If you select Production Mode, you need to provide the name of your SQL Server instance, the database name that you preconfigured, and the authentication mode, which can be either Windows or SQL Authentication.


If you want to use ControlUp Real-Time Console with your own SQL Server database, you have to make sure that your SQL Server environment meets the following requirements:

  • SQL Server 2014, 2016, or 2017
  • Editions: Standard or Enterprise
  • 10 GB of free disk space on the partition where SQL data will be stored

The user that you provided in the on-premises installation wizard must be assigned the db_owner database role. The default database name in the installation wizard is shown as ControlUpDB. This may be changed based on your organization's requirements. Be aware that the database must already exist during installation, otherwise you are not able to continue with the on-premises server installation.  

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