On-Premises Upgrade Guide 8.x to 8.5

Upgrading a ControlUp On-premises (COP) environment with Insights On-Premises (IOP) brings new features and security patches. The security benefits alone are reason enough to upgrade your existing environment to a newer version. Read the Release Notes of our On-premises versions to learn more about the latest version's features and bug fixes.

This upgrade guide describes the upgrade process of your COP environment. Read the When to use this Upgrade Guide as some specific versions can only be upgraded by our Support Team. In the use case described, we upgrade from version 8.1 to 8.5. Follow the instructions carefully as it is crucial to perform the upgrade in the right order. Failure to do so may result in a faulty installation and/or loss of data. 

To perform the upgrade, follow the steps in this order:

  1. Verify that you can use this upgrade guide
  2. Verify that you meet the prerequisites
  3. Prepare for the Upgrade
  4. Upgrade COP Server
  5. Upgrade Real-Time Console
  6. Upgrade Monitors and Agents
  7. Upgrade IOP Server
  8. Install Solve for On-Premises

When to use this Upgrade Guide

The IOP and COP server versions that are installed in your environment determine if you can use this upgrade manual or not. 

IOP Version

IOP versions are provided with an update suffix in the file name. For example: iop12c-8.1.733.57.60-u3.ova represents update 3 of IOP version 8.1. Use this upgrade guide if you are updating from:

  • 8.1 Update 3 to 8.5
  • 8.1 Update 4 to 8.5
  • 8.2 Update 1 to 8.5
  • 8.2 Update 2 to 8.5

Note: For upgrading from OVA 8.1 update 2 or below, write an email to our support team at support@controlup.com and do not use this upgrade guide.

Check Installed IOP Version

To check the IOP version that is running in your environment, open your vSphere Client and check the version that appears in the Notes section of your IOP machine(s). A version without an update number means an old IOP version is running and the upgrade must be performed by our support team.

COP Version

This manual is relevant only if you use ControlUp Server or higher. If you use a lower version, contact our support team at support@controlup.com. In this case, do not use this upgrade guide. 

Check Installed COP Server Version

To check the currently installed version, open the Control Panel and check the ControlUp Server version.



Before you can start the upgrade, make sure that you meet the following requirements:

General Prerequisites

  • An environment with an installed ControlUp On-Premises version or higher. 
  • Installation files for the new version you want to install. If you don’t have those, contact our support team at support@controlup.com.
  • A valid commercial license for ControlUp On-Premises (not trial).
  • A user with administrative privileges to run the installation files.
  • A snapshot of your dedicated ControlUp virtual machine(s). This must be available before the upgrade.

Prerequisites for the IOP upgrade

  • Access from your local computer to your vSphere (Web) Client. Make sure to open the necessary network ports for the vSphere Client. For more information, see TCP and UDP Ports for the vSphere Client.
  • A vCenter user with the Administrator role. 
  • The OVA file for updating the IOP appliance that is provided by our support team. 

Prepare for the Upgrade

Before you start with the upgrade, perform the following steps: 

  1. Log into your Real-Time Console and go to Settings > Monitors > Monitor Settings. Back up the configuration of your monitors by taking screenshots of the details from each of the dialogs opened with all the tabs on the left side menu.

  2. Stop all monitors and consoles that are currently running in your environment. Go to Settings > Monitors and stop the monitors by clicking the Stop button 7_StopButton.jpgfor each monitor.

    Wait until the monitors are stopped. Once a monitor is stopped, a green Play button 6_PlayButton.jpgappears and the Status column changes to Stopped.
  3. Back up the ControlUp configuration files. Locate the %appdata% containing the ControlUp folder,  and copy the ControlUp folder to a secure location.

  4. Go to C:\Program Files\Smart-X\ControlUp Server. Save the Server Settings folder to a secure location. This saves time after the upgrade so you don’t have to manually enter the organization’s details again.

  5. Optional and recommended: Back up the SQL database. For details, see here.
  6. Optional and recommended: Back up script-based actions if you created and are running any of your own scripts. For more information see here.
  7. Stop the IOP Forwarder service on all your ControlUp Monitor machines. You can use the following PowerShell command (run as administrator):
    stop-service SplunkForwarder

Upgrade the COP Server

The upgrade instructions for the COP server vary, depending on how the ControlUp database was deployed in your initial COP Server installation. Follow the instructions according to your deployment.
If you use a ControlUp database on a dedicated SQL server, then you're using production mode.
If you use an SQL Express installation on your COP server, then you use the light mode.

Follow the upgrade instructions according to the mode you use in your environment. Before you start the upgrade, make sure to perform these two steps:

  1. Copy the ControlUp directory that you backed up in Step 3 of the Prepare for the Upgrade section into the %appdata% directory. 
  2. Create the C:\Program Files\Smart-X\ControlUp Server\ path (this path was deleted during the uninstallation). Copy the ServerSettings folder that you backed up in Step 4 of the Prepare for the Upgrade section into it.

Upgrade Instructions for Production Mode:

  1. Run the installation file for the new ControlUp Server version as an administrator. In the new window, click Upgrade and wait until the installation is complete. 
  2. The Upgraded Successfully message indicates that the upgrade was performed successfully.

    Important: If the upgrade failed, contact our support team at support@controlup.com

  3. In the Control Panel, check that the new version was installed. 

Upgrade Instructions for Light Mode:

  1. Uninstall your currently installed ControlUp Server version. Open the Control Panel and run the Programs and Features applet. Right-click ControlUp Server and select Uninstall. Follow the prompts to uninstall.

  2. Confirm the uninstallation by clicking Yes.
  3. Run the new installation file of the ControlUpServer[COPversion].exe as an administrator and follow the installation instructions from the ControlUp On-Premises Server installation guide.
  4. During the installation, you have the option to import script-based actions. Browse the SQL backup file that you created from your previous COP installation and click Continue to start the import of your SBA backup.
  5. Once the installation is finished, check in the Control Panel that the new version was successfully installed.

Upgrade Real-Time Console

  1. Run the new installation file OnPremisesConsole[bitversion]-[COPversion].exe as an administrator and follow the installation instructions.
  2. Once completed, open the Real-Time Console, enter your COP server name and confirm by clicking Continue.
  3. In the Real-Time Console, click Help > About and confirm the new version.

Upgrade Monitors and Agents

The next step is to upgrade your ControlUp Monitors and Agents. As the ControlUp Monitors and Agents are still running with the old version, you need to upgrade them as well. 

Upgrade Your Monitors

  1. From the ControlUp Management Console screen click the Settings ribbon and then Monitors. The Manage ControlUp Monitors screen appears.
  2. From the Monitors tab, you can see a version mismatch of the ControlUp Monitors. All monitors with outdated versions must be updated.

  3. Right-Click the monitor and select Upgrade. Repeat this step for all monitors so that no monitor appears with a version mismatch. 
  4. Once the upgrade is finished, check that the monitor started successfully and the Version column shows the updated version.


Upgrade Your Agents

For agents with old versions that were installed from the Real-Time Console:

To update the ControlUp Agent on a selected machine:

In the Real-Time Console, right-click the machine on which you want to upgrade the Agent, select Agent Control > Upgrade/Install Remote Agent. Confirm the popup message by clicking OK and wait until the agent is updated. 

To update the ControlUp Agent on all added machines:

In the Real-Time Console, right-click the organization name, select Agent Control > Upgrade/Install Remote Agent. Confirm the popup message by clicking OK and wait until the agents are updated. 

Note: The agents which were deployed with the old ControlUp version on the master image via an MSI file must be upgraded with the corresponding ControlUp Agent version that you upgraded to. You need to run the MSI file manually on each managed machine. The MSI files are available in our Download Center.

Upgrade IOP Server

After upgrading the COP Server, Real-Time Console, ControlUp Monitors, and ControlUp Agents, it's time to do upgrade your IOP server(s). Open the Insights On-Premises Upgrade Guide 8.x to 8.5 and follow the instructions for the IOP upgrade carefully. 

Install Solve for On-Premises

The Solve web app is available for ControlUp on-premises environments starting with version 8.5.

To learn about Solve, read Welcome to Solve.
For installation instructions, see Solve On-Premises Installation - Version 8.5.

How-To: Back up the ControlUp Database

To create a database backup:

  1. Open an SQL management tool of your choice. 
  2. Connect to the server instance where the ControlUp database is located.
    In the Light version, the database is stored on the COP server.
    In the Production version, the database is stored on a dedicated server. 
  3. Right-click the ControlUpDB and select Backup.
  4. Choose a backup name and path where the backup file should be stored.

  5. Select the options Overwrite all existing backup sets and Verify backup when finished.

  6. Start the backup by clicking Backup and wait until the backup is finished.

  7. Check that the backup file was successfully created.


How-To: Back up Script-Based Actions

This optional step is recommended if you created and run you own scripts in your ControlUp environment. The COP installation includes the option of installing all the script-based actions available in the ControlUp community. 

To back up script-based actions:

  1. Open an SQL management tool of your choice. 
  2. Right-click the ControlUpDB and select Tasks > Generate Scripts.

  3. In the Introduction wizard, click Next >
  4. Click Select specific database objects. Expand the Tables tree and select the following tables. 
    - CloudStore
    - SBA_EULA
    - SBAExecutionRecord
    - SBARecord
  5. Click Next >. In the Set Scripting Options dialog, click Advanced.
  6. In the Advanced Scripting Options dialog, scroll down the list of options and change the Types of data to script from Schema Only to Data only, and click OK.

  7. In the Set Scripting Options screen, select Save as script file and browse to the folder where you want to store the export SQL file by clicking Click Next > to see the summary windows.
  8. In the summary window, review the settings you select. Click Next >. 
  9. The script is generated when all steps are successfully executed. Click Finish to end the export of SBAs.

  10. Use a text editor to open the SQL file that you just exported. Replace the first two lines of the script with the following lines and save the script. In the first line, type the name of your ControlUp database, which in Light installations is always ControlUpDB.



    TRUNCATE table [dbo].[SBARecord]


    TRUNCATE table [dbo].[CloudStore]


    TRUNCATE table [dbo].[SBA_EULA]


    TRUNCATE table [dbo].[SBAExecutionRecord]


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