Install Citrix Workspace App with Bundled Remote DX


This article outlines the procedure for installing and configuring a self-extracting Citrix Workspace App with an integrated bundle for Remote DX.



  1. Run in the 7-Zip installer. By default, 7-Zip is installed in the C:\Program Files\7-Zip directory.

  2. Extract the 7z920_extra.7z to the folder where you installed 7-Zip, in our case C:\Program Files\7-Zip. When extracted, the file structure must look like this:
  3. Copy the CitrixWorkspaceApp.exe and curdx_windows_citrix.exe to a folder. Select both files, right-click > 7-Zip > Add to archive.
  4. In the Add to Archive wizard, specify a new name for the archive. Click OK to start the compression of both files.
  5. Once the file is created, locate the 7zS.sfx in the 7-Zip installation folder.
  6. Copy the 7zS.fsx into the folder where you created the new archive. Both files must be located in the same directory:
  7. In the same folder, create a config.txt file and insert the following script:
    Title="Citrix Workspace App"

  8. In the same folder, create a new file install.cmd and insert the following text:
    pushd %~dp0
    CitrixWorkspaceApp.exe /silent
    curdx_windows_citrix.exe /VERYSILENT

  9. Drag and drop the install.cmd into the new archive and confirm the warning with Yes.
  10. Open a command prompt and navigate to the path where the files are located.
  11. In the command prompt, run the following command.

    copy /b 7zS.sfx + config.txt + "CitrixAndRemoteDXinstaller.7z" archive.exe

    Note: Replace the name of the .7z file according to the file name you created.

    This command creates a new self-extracting file (archive.exe) that includes the 7Zs.sfx, config.txt, and the archived 7zip file:
  12. Install the bundle and confirm that the installation was successful by pressing WIN + R. Type appwiz.cpl and check if the Citrix Workspace App and Remote DX appear.
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