• Signed Agents

    By default - our agents aren't signed.

    However, if you need a signed agent, you can download it from here - Link
  • ControlUp Network Impact & Bandwidth Usage


    In ContolUp, the Console & Monitor retrieve data from servers, hypervisors, workstations, user sessions, etc. This action can impact your network bandwidth, though not dramatically as we successfully stick to a very low usage with our ControlUp Agent.

    This is the average network traffic communication information - 

    Single Agent for Console\Monitor communication channel - 1KBps.

    This roughly means that a single ControlUp console will consume the following bandwidth:

    • Console connected to 100 agents- 100KBps
    • Console connected to 1,000 agents- 1MBps
    • Console connected to 10,000 agents- 10Mbps 

    For example: 

    If you have 5 ControlUp consoles running on a single RDS server, and each console is connected to 1,000 agents the total bandwidth usage for ControlUp on this server would be 5MBps

    In edition, in order to optimized performance we suggest to set also a data collector for your Monitor. You can do this in the following article in section 3 in -> Click here

    The extensions (Hypervisors, XD sites...) also consume bandwidth but compared to 1,000 agents that should be negligible - around 100-200KBps when working in large environments.

    Disabling the Flat Process Views can reduce network traffic between the ControlUp agent to the Console\Monitor by up to 50%. Although processes are available to Monitor when you focus on a specific Computer as demonstrated in the screenshot below:

    2018-02-12_14-44-48.jpg 2018-02-12_14-28-53.jpg

  • What are the benefits of using the ControlUp agent?

    ControlUp agents, deployed remotely onto added computers, provide you with:

    In-depth monitoring

    • Detailed machine-level/session performance metrics
    • Assessment of computer stress level
    • Locate and rapidly isolate issues affecting end users

    Advanced management actions

    • Manage systems services, registry and file system of multiple machines simultaneously
    • Interact with user sessions, controlling their state and activity
    • Run, terminate, or limit resource consumption for any process on your network

    Configuration comparison of different computers with respect to

    • Registry values and keys
    • System services, including startup type, current state, and credentials
    • Software packages and updates installed
    • Irregular or non-uniform configurations of file systems

    ControlUp agents have minimal performance impact

    • CPU usage – consistently 0% to 1%
    • RAM consumption – 60 to 90 MB
    • I/O – zero disk activity
    • No software hooks, no drivers and no reboot needed

    Prerequisites for ControlUp agents

    • Windows OS (all versions supported, from Windows XP to Server 2012 R2)
    • .Net Framework 3.5 SP1 or 4.5
    • Single incoming TCP port (by default 40705) open for ongoing console/monitor communications
    • RPC and WMI access for initial deployment via the console, if access not available manual installation can be done using an MSI package
  • What are the ControlUp agent prerequisites?

    Here are the prerequisites for the ControlUp Agent:

    • Windows operating system - Windows 7 to Windows Server 2019. (Windows 2003 is not supported.)
    • Net Framework 3.5 SP1 or .Net Framework 4.5 and above.
    • A single open incoming TCP port (40705 by default) for ongoing console/monitor communications.
    • RPC and WMI access for initial ControlUp agent deployment via the console.
      If RPC/WMI access is not available the agent can be installed manually using the agent MSI package.
  • What is the performance impact of the ControlUp Agent?

    The ControlUp agent is a lightweight component that was designed from the ground up to enable rapid deployment and minimal performance footprint on the managed computer. The expected CPU usage is 0%-1% with 2% spikes, RAM usage should be approximately 50MB to 100MB and IOPS counters for the agent executable should normally show zero activity. The ControlUp agent does NOT require a reboot while being installed or uninstalled and no special configuration is needed when the agent is deployed on a VDI master image.

  • Do I need to reboot a computer when installing or uninstalling the ControlUp agent?


    ControlUp agent deployment and removal do not require a reboot of the managed computer. By default, ControlUp Agent is deployed in temporary mode, which means that the agent uninstalls automatically after a period of inactivity.

  • How to Deploy Agent on Master Image (PVS \ MCS)?

    ControlUp does not save any unique data on the managed computers, so there is no need for additional preparations when creating a master image using Citrix PVS, MCS or VMware linked clone technologies. We recommend deploying the ControlUp agent on the master image in “Installed Agent Mode” to enable faster connections from the ControlUp console.

    Another good option is to install the agent using our MSI package.

    To achieve that, go to Settings > Agent Settings and click on the Download MSI Package link, it will take you to Agent Package Download Page (or click here).

    Note: If you install an agent via MSI, to uninstall it, you will also need to use the MSI.


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