• How do I reset ControlUp Real-time to its factory default?

    In order to reset ControlUp to factory defaults, please perform the following steps:

    1. Shut down ControlUp if it is running.
    2. Delete or rename the ControlUp directory in your personal “Application Data” folder. You can access this folder by clicking “Start” > “Run” and typing %appdata%
    3. Delete or rename the following registry key:
    4. Re-launch ControlUp

    Please note that all your user settings, saved credentials and managed computer lists will be lost during this operation.

  • Where can I find a PDF version of the User Guide?

    Of course we have a PDF version of the User Guide available.  Just click here.  Keep in mind, that the entire User Guide is available here in the Support Center - it is searchable and easy to use.


    We also attached the user guide to this article if you cannot reach the hyperlinks above. (if you do not see the attachment, please open the article in a new and separate tab.