• Data Resolution in Insights Reports

    The Insights database stores data that has been retrieved by ControlUp Monitors, making the information available for future reference. However, because the Monitors retrieve data from the monitored instances very frequently, not all of the data samples they collect can be stored in the Insights' database as raw data. In particular, for metrics that change frequently over time, such as trend data, average values are calculated from the raw data, and only these averages are stored in the database. Thus, for example, if the Monitor retrieves CPU utilization data every three seconds, the Insights database may only store one value for every five-minute period. The value stored will be an average of all the values that the Monitor retrieved during the five-minute period.

    When Insights generates a report, it automatically selects the optimal resolution for the report, based on the time range included in the report. For example, the resolution of a report covering the past four hours will be high – five minutes, because the report covers a small enough time frame that there is room to show all the data points available. On the other hand, a report covering an entire year will, of necessity, have a lower resolution – typically, one day.

    Standard Data Resolutions in Insights

    Insights reports all use the same standard resolutions for given time frames. Time frames in reports can be specified either by selecting a preset time range or by choosing start and end times. Standard resolutions are defined separately for each type of time frame. The resolutions are designed to optimize usability for the time period included in each report.

    Preset Time Frames

    Preset time frames are defined relative to the day and time on which the report is generated. Longer periods of time have reduced resolution, as follows:


    Data Resolution

    4 hours

    5 minutes

    24 hours

    5 minutes

    1 week

    1 hour

    1 month

    1 hour

    1 year

    1 day

    Note: Default preset in Platinum website was updated to 1Y.

    User-defined Time Ranges

    The data resolution for user-defined time ranges depends both on the period of time included in the report and the start date of the report. Reports whose start dates are older may have reduced resolution, regardless of the length of time included in the report, as follows: 

     Time Period

    Start Date

    Data Resolution

    Up to 3 days (72 hours)


    During any time in the past 30 days

    5 minutes

    More than 30 days ago

    1 hour

    Between 3 days (more than 72 hours) and 30 days

    Any time

    1 hour

    Any length

    Any time

    1 day

    How Averages Are Calculated

    Averages of data points are calculated for the following time frames:

    • Five-minute intervals: The data point is the average of all the data points that were retrieved during the five minutes ending at the time of the data point.
    • Hourly intervals: The data point is the average of all the data points that were retrieved during the hour ending at the time of the data point.
    • Daily intervals: The data point is the average of all the data points that were retrieved for the specified day (i.e., from 12:00am through the last value retrieved before 12:00am of the following day).

    Identifying the Resolution of the Data in a Report

    You can see the resolution of the data in the graphs of Insights reports in a number of ways:

    • Slowly drag your mouse over points on the graph to open tooltips containing information about each point, including the time represented by the point. If, for example, there is a point for each hour, the resolution is hourly.
      Mouse hovering over a data point to display a tooltip
    • Click adjacent points on the graph. When you click a point, a tooltip opens with information about the point, including the time represented by the point. If, for example, there is a point for each hour, the resolution is hourly.
      Tooltip opened to display information about a data point
    • Hover over one of the items in the key below the graph. All the data points for that item will be shown on the graph, enabling you to see how many points there are for each interval marked on the x axis of the graph.

      All data points shown when the mouse hovers over an item in the key below the graph

    In addition, you can see a list of all of the data points that appear in a report by exporting the report data to a CSV file.

    Exported data points in a CSV file, showing a resolution of one hour (in column A)


    Updated: April 2019

  • What is ControlUp Insights?

    ControlUp Insights is an innovative web-based operational intelligence solution for monitoring and analysis of enterprise network environments. It features historical reports that allow for investigating the historical behavior of performance counters and other system information gathered by ControlUp Real-time.

    You can log into Insights via this link -> https://insights.controlup.com/

    To learn more about the resolution of the report, refer to the following article -> Data Resolution in Insights Reports  

    The amount of time it takes for the data to appear in Insights is around 1.5-2hr and we're working on getting it in with a shorter time frame. 

  • Which options are available to secure user access to ControlUp Insights?

    Apart from the ability to restrict access for individual users, you can configure a variety of security options to restrict access to ControlUp Insights and ensure only authorized users can log in. Click the Access Settings button on the ControlUp Insights ribbon in the ControlUp Real-time console to configure multi-factor authentication, source IP restrictions, email validation and more.

  • How do I access ControlUp Insights?

    ControlUp Insights is accessible using the URL https://insights.controlup.com or by using the "ControlUp Insights" button in the Home ribbon of the ControlUp Real-time console. By default, the only user permitted to access ControlUp Insights is the user who first installed a monitor instance in the organization or upgraded an existing monitor instance to v5 or above. You can control individual user access by clicking the User Permissions button on the ControlUp Insights ribbon in the console.

  • How is ControlUp Insights licensed?

    ControlUp Insights is a license based on the retention period of the data. Currently there are three tiers: Pro tier - which allows, 1 day of data retention, Enterprise - which allows, 1 Month of data retention, and Platinum - which allows 1 year of data retention.

  • How do I start seeing data in ControlUp Insights?

    As soon as you install a ControlUp monitor instance in your organization, it will start uploading data to ControlUp Insights. You should start seeing historical data within a few hours, as long as the monitor is connected to your managed resources and has access to the Internet. You can verify this by double-clicking the monitor indicator under the organizational tree in ControlUp Real-time console.