• Session shadowing cannot be established


    The “Session Remote Control” or “Session Shadowing” action may fail in any of the following cases:

    1. The “Allow users to start both listed and unlisted programs on initial connection” setting is not selected in RemoteApp configuration on your RDS.
    2. The “Run initial program specified by user” setting is not selected setting on the Environment tab of RDP properties in Terminal Services Configuration.
    3. The “Always Show Desktop on Connection” setting in Group Policy is enabled.
    4. In Citrix XenApp environments, the “Launching of non-published programs during client connection” in XenApp user policies is not enabled.
    5. When executing Remote Control on Citrix ICA sessions, the Citrix Online Plugin is not installed on the computer on which you are running ControlUp console.
    6. Several known issues (http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX125693) affect the session shadowing functionality in various scenarios including multiple monitors, using Windows Aero and more.


    Using Remote Assistance instead of session shadowing is a recommended fallback option in these cases.

  • Troubleshooting XenDesktop Connection

    If the XenDesktop connection does not work, you can test the connection using the following steps:

    Add-PSSnapin Citrix.Broker.Admin.V2

    Get-BrokerController -AdminAddress <BrokerIP/or Name>

    More information on the Get-BrokerController command can be found here.

    • asnp Citrix*
      This loads all Citrix-specific PowerShell modules.
    • Parameter -AdminAddress 
      Instructs PowerShell to run the command on the XenDesktop controller.


    If you do not get any results, the connection is not working and there might be an issue with your network, permissions issue, or the server itself is not configured correctly.