• Monitor Alerts

    This article describes some of the alerts you may receive indicating that the monitor is not working properly:

    No Monitor Activity

    This alert indicates that your monitor service is either not running or cannot connect to ControlUp's servers. To fix this, check the following:

    • Login to the console and check the monitor's status. When working properly, it should have mceclip0.png icon and status indicating that the monitor running properly. If not, it appears as follows:
      • If the status shows that it is not running, restart the monitor's service. If you can't get it to run contact support@controlup.com
      • If the status is running, but still failed to upload, as shown here:
        verify the machine running the monitor service can access our servers:
        • US Load Balancers:
          • rt-app.controlup.com -
          • rt-app.controlup.com -
        • EU Load Balancers
          • rt-app.controlup.com -
          • rt-app.controlup.com -
        • s3.amazonaws.com

    For more information see Missing Data in Insights (Proxy Issue) or contact support@controlup.com

    No Upload Activity

    This alert indicates that your monitor is running successfully and is connected to ControlUp's configuration servers, but does not upload properly due to a connection issue with ControlUp's S3 bucket at Amazon AWS.

    In this situation, the following message is displayed:mceclip1.png

    To fix this, verify that the machine running the monitor can reach s3.amazonaws.com on port 443 (https).

    If not, open the firewall port and white-list it in the proxy.

    NOTE: The AWS URL is essential for data upload to Insights. The dynamic IP range of the S3 URL changes according to AWS policies.

    For more information see Missing Data in Insights (Proxy Issue) or contact support@controlup.com

    Low Upload Volume

    This alert indicates that you are still uploading data, but the volume of data has dropped in comparison to the same time last week.

    This may be intentional due to migration or holiday. However, it can also indicate that the monitor cannot connect to some machines due to a service account that's locked or a password change.

    In the Monitor Settings screen, you can see the relevant errors in both Summary and Monitored Resources tabs:

    • Summary: Resources connected displays lower number of connected machines.
    • Monitored Resources: Shows the errors per agent, the root cause can be agents not upgraded (prior to 7.1), no connection using the port (40705), agent service not running, etc.
      You can also verify if the agents connect using the console.

    For more details please contact support@controlup.com

    Monitor Disconnected from Hypervisors

    This alert indicates that your ControlUp Monitor is not connected to one or more of your extensions (e.g. Hypervisors/XenDesktop site/Netscalers).

    You can verify this by clicking Mange Monitors from the ControlUp Insights ribbon:

    This is usually due to changing a service account's password or a locked user, verify the user by clicking on Monitors Settings in the above screen and alter the user/password in the lower pane:

    For more information see Connect to your Virtualization Infrastructure or contact support at support@controlup.com


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