• Upgrade Guide for Hybrid Cloud v8.x to v8.x


    This article describes the steps required to upgrade your ControlUp Hybrid Cloud infrastructure from v8.x to v8.x.

    Getting Started

    Prior to upgrading, it is crucial that you: 

    1. Have a new and executable version of the console.
    2. Back up the ControlUp configuration folder (%AppData%\ControlUp).
    3. Ensure that all data collectors are up to date and compatible with the console/monitor version.
    4. Ensure the compatibility of the data collectors. For more information see here.

    Upgrade Procedure

    Prior to upgrading the Hybrid Cloud, close any ControlUp console instances that might be running and launch the new console executable, and enter your login credentials and log on to your existing organization.

    To upgrade the ControlUp Monitors: 

    1. From the ControlUp Management Console screen click the Settings ribbon and then Monitors and the Manage ControlUp Monitors screen appears.
    2. From the monitor tab, you can see under Details that the versions are mismatched.
    3. Select the monitor to be upgraded by right-clicking on it and select Upgrade, and the monitor will start the upgrade.

    To upgrade the ControlUp Data Collectors: 

    • Locate the machines which are configured as the data collectors in the folder structure. Right-click on the machine and select Agent Control and choose Upgrade Remote Agent and the agent on the machine will be upgraded.

    To upgrade the ControlUp Agents: 

    • We recommend having the agents upgraded as well to meet the same version as the other components and to have the latest fixes, features, and enhancements. 
    • You can perform the upgrade to all agents from the console as follows:
        • Right-click the organization name and select to upgrade all agents.
    • If you are using Citrix PVS, MCS, or VMware Linked Clones images in your organization, you can download the ControlUp Agent MSI from this link and deploy it on the image itself.
    • ControlUp supports backward compatibility for the agents so it's not mandatory to upgrade the agents right away. 


    Data Collector Compatibility

    As mentioned above, it is crucial to ensure the compatibility of the data collectors. It's best practice to have dedicated machines as a data collector, however, by default, the console and monitor fill this role. In order to find out which settings hold the data collector role, follow the steps below. 

      1. From the directory tree, right-click your hypervisors connection, XenDesktop site, or NetScaler appliance and click Connection Settings and the Edit Connection tab appears.
      2. Open the dropdown of the data collectors by pressing on the down arrow.
        If the table contains ControlUp Console/Monitor, then there is no dedicated data collector.
        If the table contains a machine name, that machine is the data collector and the agent on that machine needs to be upgraded.
      3. Search for the data collectors in the directory tree. If a data collector is not up to date, it appears with this mceclip5.png icon next to it.
      4. Update the data collector by right-clicking it and selecting Agent Control > Upgrade Remote Agent and the data collectors will be updated.

    If you require any assistance with the upgrade procedure or have a question, feel free to contact us at support@controlup.com



  • Upgrade Guide for Hybrid Cloud v7.x to v8.x

    This guide describes the actions required to upgrade your ControlUp Hybrid Cloud infrastructure from v7.x to v8.x. 

    The official release notes for v8 are available here.

    Version 8.x provides large scale support and multi-monitor configuration across multiple sites. The infrastructure of the ControlUp Monitor component was redesigned to support workload sharing in large-scale environments. Follow the procedures described in this guide to reinstall the ControlUp Monitor.


    • Back up the ControlUp configuration folder before upgrading to the new version (%AppData%\ControlUp).
    • Ensure that there are no SSL errors while establishing the connection to ControlUp Cloud. The Root CA must be properly configured in the machine running the Console/Monitor.

    Pre-Upgrade Actions:

    Prior to upgrading, ensure that all data previously configured in the ControlUp v7.x Monitor is backed up so that it can be stored securely and be used later if needed.

    Back up your current console (v7.x) as follows:

    1. In the real-time console (v7.x), select the Settings tab,
    2. Click  Monitors.
    3. The monitor window appears. Within the menu bar, click Settings.

      Record all the details you have previously configured in the v7.x monitor. These credentials and settings must be re-entered in the new monitors' installation as described later in this article. 

    Upgrade Procedure:

      1. Close any running ControlUp v7.x console instances and launch the new v8.x console.
      2. Enter your login credentials.
      3. Log on to your existing organization.
      4. A message window of the ControlUp Upgrade is displayed: 
      5. Carefully read the instructions and click Continue.
        The console opens and displays the configuration. (machines, folders etc.) 
      6. Ensure compatibility of data collectors.
        For the upgrade procedure to succeed, make sure that all data collectors are up to date and compatible with the console/monitor version. A ControlUp Agent can be configured as a data collector to view what is configured on your end, and if required, upgrade them for the new v8.x.
        1. To ensure data collector compatibility:
          1. Right-click your hypervisors/XenDesktop sites/NetScaler appliance and select Connection Settings
          2. In the Data Collectors tab, the default ControlUp Console / Monitor mode should appear.
          3. If a machine listed by a name such as 'MONITOR7416' appears (see image below) Preform an upgrade of the ControlUp agent on that machine.
          4. Locate the machine configured as a data collector in the folder structure.
            If the mceclip4.png icon appears, the installed agent is not up to date. Upgrade the installed agent per step 6.1.5.
          5. Right-click the machine and selct Agent Control > Upgrade Remote Agent. 
      1. Upgrade v7.x monitors to v8.x. 
        If a you are performing a new installation of the monitor, refer to the next section.
        To Upgrade the old monitors:
        1. Click Settings > Monitors. 
        2. In the monitor window, highlight the monitor, right-click, and select Upgrade. mceclip1.png
        3. If you had more than one monitor in v7, in v8.x, when upgrading the 2nd monitor, you are prompted as follows:
          • The first option takes the same configuration as the 1st monitor you upgraded to v8.x. (This is the preferable option.)
          • The second option takes the sole configuration of the monitor you're currently upgrading. 
      2. Set up a new v8.x monitor.
        1. Configure the monitors' prerequisites.
          To configure monitors for the new version:
          1. In the monitor window, click Add Monitors to Site.
            If you do not have domain identity configured, you'll see the setting page to set it previous to adding the monitor. 

          2. Add the monitor's domain identity (mandatory) together with the data source's credentials.
            If these settings were not set in the past, you'll be prompted to enter these.
            Configure an outbound proxy in the Proxy Settings section (mandatory if  the monitor relies on a proxy).
            For further information on monitor's requirements and required permissions, see: ControlUp Monitor Permissions & Security - Cloud ONLY.

            Note: When using SSL termination on the proxy, ensure that the proxy certificate is trusted by the machine running the Console/Monitor component. 

          3. When the configuration is done, click OK, and start installing the monitor component.
        2. Install a new v8.x monitor component
          1. Click Add Monitors to Site
          2. The ControlUp Monitor Installation window displays:
          3. Select the servers on which you want to install the monitor component, and click Install.
            Note: if the naming convention is not consistent, the monitor component must be installed individually.
          4. Look at the Installation Progress column. Once the installation completes, click Finish.
          5. The monitors' icon should be green and will start connecting to the data sources shortly.

    The upgrade to version 8 is completed.
    The ControlUp agents in your environment can be upgraded as well so they can be compatible with the rest of the ControlUp components.

    If you require any assistance with the upgrade procedure or have a question, feel free to contact us at support@controlup.com.