Add Citrix Cloud Integration
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    Add Citrix Cloud Integration

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    Article summary

    The following article covers how to add a Citrix Cloud integration to ControlUp.

    Data Collector

    We strongly recommend that you use a dedicated data collector for all EUC environment connections. A data collector can be any machine with the ControlUp Agent installed on it. To learn more, see ControlUp Data Collector.


    Network Requirements

    Allow the following URLs over TCP port 443 (HTTPS) from all Real-Time Console, Monitor, and Data Collector Machines.

    • https://*
    • https://*
    • https://*

    If you use an allow list to control the connections to the ControlUp Agent, add these URLs to that list. For details on general agent security, see ControlUp Agent Security Best Practices.

    Service Account Requirements

    The service account credentials must have access to the Citrix Cloud API. You require a Citrix Cloud API ID and a secret key for the connection. To learn how to create an API client and get your Citrix Cloud credentials, click here. Add your cloud credentials to your shared credentials before you add the integration.

    Add a Citrix Cloud Connection to ControlUp

    To learn how to add a Citrix Cloud connection, watch our video.

    To add a Citrix Cloud connection to your ControlUp environment, perform the following steps:

    1. In the Real-Time Console, click Home > Add EUC Environment.AddEUCEnvironment
    2. Set Solution / Platform to Citrix Cloud.AddEUCCitrixCloud
    3. Enter your Customer ID as it appears in
    4. Select Credentials for your Citrix Cloud environment from your shared credentials. The required permissions for the credentials are described above. You should have added these credentials as shared credentials in your Monitor Settings.
    5. Optionally, configure a proxy connection to Citrix Cloud.
    6. In the Data Collectors tab, click Add and select the machine that you want to use as a data collector.CitrixCloudAddDataCollector
    7. Optionally, add another machine to use as a backup data collector in case the primary data collector is down. Note that the first machine in the list is the primary data collector.
    8. Click OK to save the Citrix Cloud connection.

    Citrix Cloud Monitoring

    From the Real-Time Console, you can view all of your cloud connectors from any resource location.

    Along with the common ControlUp metrics for any machine, you can view the following metrics specific to Citrix Cloud connectors:

    • Cloud Connector Status notifies you if your Citrix Cloud connector is connected to the Citrix Cloud back-end successfully, and/or if there are any network, firewall, or credentials issues.
    • Cloud Connector Version checks if your Cloud connector version matches the latest version from the Citrix API and if it’s updated or not.
    • Cloud Connector Maintenance Mode notifies you if your Cloud connector is in maintenance mode.
    • Cloud Connector Type indicates if your Cloud connector is a Windows machine or appliance.
    • Cloud Connector Version and Expected Version show you the current version of your Cloud connector, and the latest version available from Citrix.
    Citrix Cloud Connector Columns

    Each of the displayed columns also works as a counter, and you can apply triggers to them to immediately notify you of any metric changes.

    We recommend to install a ControlUp Agent on your cloud connectors to get the most detailed monitoring information.

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