Add a ControlUp Monitor
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    Add a ControlUp Monitor

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    AControlUp Monitor is a Windows service that allows continuous monitoring of your system resources. For sizing recommendations for the ControlUp Monitor, see the ControlUp Monitor Guidelines article. Support for large organizations is implemented by the Monitor Cluster feature, which enables multiple ControlUp Monitors to work together to monitor a single organization.

    Large organizations with more than 5,000 monitored resources or multiple sites require multiple monitors, with at least one monitor deployed at each site. You can add as many monitors to your organization as necessary, and they will automatically be configured to work together as a cluster.

    Prior to installation, choose a machine or virtual machine that is correctly sized for your needs and the size of your environment. Make sure this machine can be dedicated to only running the ControlUp Monitor service and make sure that you have RPC Access to the selected machine.

    It is also recommended to create a dedicated service account with local admin permissions on all managed machines.

    Follow the steps below to install a monitor:

    1. Click Add Monitor in the Home ribbon to start the ControlUp Monitor Installation Wizard.

    2. Click OK on the popup message and the Sites and Monitors – Configuration Wizard appears.
      The first configuration task for the monitor cluster is to add valid domain credentials that are used by the monitor cluster to connect to managed computers, and, optionally, deploy the ControlUp agent.

    3. Click Add Domain and the Add New Domain Identity popup appears.
      Enter the Domain FQDN and valid domain credentials. It is recommended that the domain account be a member of the local administrator group to deploy agents remotely.

    4. Check the Shared credentials for each credential set. See Configuring Shared Credentials Prerequisites for this option to work.

    5. Optional : If you want to add additional credentials for hypervisor connections or EUC environment connections:

      • Click Add Credentials Set and the Add New Credentials popup appears.

      • Enter the relevant information and click OK and the credentials are added

    6. Click Next and the Proxy Settings tab appears.

    7. Configure any Proxy settings, if required, for the default site, and click Next and the Export Schedule tab appears.


    The proxy settings option can be configured separately for each site.

    1. Configure Export Schedule , if needed. Click Next and the SMTP setting screen appears.

    2. In the Solve Settings wizard, click Next.4406509548817Screenshot10.png

    3. Configure SMTP settings for Trigger Alerts if needed. Click Next and the Advanced Settings screen appears.

    4. The Advanced Settings screen displays the default monitor service resource settings. We recommend using the default interval configuration. If you want to change it, see here .


      The Export schedule, SMTP settings, and Advanced settings are global and are not set per site.

    5. Click Finish and the ControlUp Monitor Installation Wizard appears.

    6. Select the machine you would like to install the monitor on.
      If needed, modify the port that the monitor will listen to ensure that the corresponding port is open in your firewall. By default, the port the monitor listens to is 40706 (console <> monitor).

    7. Click Install and the ControlUp Monitor Installation Wizard appears. The installation may take a few seconds.
      The monitor installation wizard tests various components of the target machine before deploying the service to make sure that it will be able to run.

    8. Click Finish and then click OK and the added monitors appear in the Monitors tab with a green icon next to it.

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