New Data Pipeline vs. Legacy Reports
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    New Data Pipeline vs. Legacy Reports

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    Our new data pipeline reports include different functionalities, features, and limitations from the the old legacy reports. The following table describes the differences:

    Report ItemLegacyNew Data Pipeline
    Top Insights reportCurrently available only in Overview widgets and some metrics in the Environment Assessment report2024 (Q3)
    Published App Usage Details reportCurrently available only in legacy format2024 (Q3)
    Benchmark statistics in Logon Duration and App Trends reportsCurrently available only in legacy format2024 (Q4)
    Host Trends report forecast viewCurrently available only in legacy format2024 (Q4)
    View bookmarked Insights reportsN/AYou can set which data pipeline report is the default view. Click here for more details.

    You can currently view the following reports only in legacy format:

    To access a legacy report displaying data prior to migration to new data pipeline:

    1. Open a data pipeline report and select a time range prior to when your organization migrated.
    2. Click the Legacy Report link.

    The legacy reports might not include all the widgets and features of the new report format.

    Important: Closing old data connection after General Availability (GA)

    Note that we will close the upload to legacy reports if we have moved your organization to the new data pipeline and:

    • You are running Real-Time version 8.8 MR or higher.
    • If you are a large organization and all your ControlUp Agents are upgraded to version 8.8 MR or higher.
    • You have accumulated 31 days of data in the new data pipeline starting 1 February 2024.

    If these criteria are met, data collected by the ControlUp Monitors will be displayed only in the new report format.

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