Stratodesk NoTouch Agent Installation
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    Stratodesk NoTouch Agent Installation

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    Install the Edge DX Agent on Stratodesk NoTouch OS devices using the ControlUp integration in Stratodesk.


    Before you deploy any Edge DX Agents, read the prerequisites for Agent deployment and make sure that your environment is ready.

    Edge DX is supported on NoTouch OS version 3.3.432 or higher. The integration installs the Agent version that is packaged with your Stratodesk OS version.

    Before You Begin

    You'll need your tenant URL and device registration code. You can find these on the Downloads page.

    Integration Setup in Stratodesk

    To set up the integration in Stratodesk:

    1. Go to your NoTouch OS configuration and select Services > ControlUp.

    2. Enable Start ControlUp EdgeDX and paste your Edge DX tenant name and device registration code.

    3. Save your changes in Stratodesk.

    After you save your configuration changes, the Edge DX Agent is installed on the device and automatically connects to your ControlUp environment.

    Updating the Agent

    The Edge DX Agent is built into Stratodesk NoTouch OS, so you can't manually update the Agent. Contact Stratodesk if you need to use a newer version of the Edge DX Agent.


    You can access the Edge DX log files from a terminal on the Stratodesk device. To learn how to access the log files and confirm that the Edge DX Agent has been installed correctly, read this ControlUp blog.

    Enable NTP Time on the Device

    If the Edge DX Agent is installed but you aren't able to see the device in Edge DX, make sure that the Stratodesk device uses NTP time. For details on how to enable NTP time, see the Stratodesk documentation.

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