Upgrade Your Organization to the DEX Platform's app.controlup.com
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    Upgrade Your Organization to the DEX Platform's app.controlup.com

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    Ask us for help!
    If you want assistance with upgrading your organization, contact ControlUp Support or your Customer Success Manager.

    If you currently use ControlUp from Solve (solve.controlup.com), you can upgrade your organization to use ControlUp's new DEX platform at app.controlup.com.

    What is the new app?

    app.controlup.com is the new way to access all ControlUp products from a browser.

    While we made a few changes to the app layout, the overall functionality is similar.


    Why you should upgrade

    Scoutbees will be available only from app.controlup.com after you upgrade.


    • Real-Time DX version 8.7 or higher.
    • The user performing the upgrade must have Login Access Manager permissions. For more details, click here.
    • The user performing the upgrade must have an email inbox to receive a one-time passcode.

    How to upgrade your organization

    To upgrade your organization:

    1. Go to app.controlup.com.
    2. Enter the email address of a user who is the organization's Login Access Manager and click Continue.
    3. Enter the verification code sent to your email address and click Verify Email.
    4. Select the organization you want to upgrade from the dropdown and click Sign in.
    5. Read the warning message and click Upgrade organization to confirm that you want to upgrade your organization.
    6. Optionally, select ControlUp users to invite to the DEX platform. All selected users receive an invitation link in their email inbox. You can skip this step if you want to invite users later, or if you will use SAML to provision user accounts.
    7. Create your new DEX account for accessing the DEX platform. You can either sign in with Azure or Google OAuth, or you can manually create your DEX account by entering your information and creating a password. To sign in with Azure OAuth, you might need to configure permissions in Azure.CreateDEXAccount(1)

    After creating your account, you are signed in to the DEX platform. 

    Set up your environment

    Follow these steps to fully set up you environment in app.controlup.com.

    Step 1 - Review your SAML settings

    If you use SAML SSO for Solve then we automatically use your existing SAML configuration for DEX and you do not need to set up a new service provider application in your IdP. Depending on how you configured SAML for Solve, you might have to change the user attributes sent by your IdP. 

    To test if SAML is configured correctly, go to Global Settings > SAML Single Sign On and click Test at the bottom of the page. If the test fails and you can't sign in, review the necessary SAML attributes for DEX.

    If you don't want to use your existing SAML configuration from Solve, you can set up DEX as a new service provider application by going to Global Settings > SAML Single Sign On and selecting Use DEX SAML Settings. Learn more.
    IdP-Initiated SSO
    To use IdP-initiated SSO, you must configure your IdP to send an additional attribute. If you don't, your IdP will sign you in to Solve instead of DEX. Click here for details.

    Step 2 - Configure login methods

    To control how users are allowed to sign in to your environment through the DEX platform, configure the allowed login methods:

    1. Go to Global settings > User Settings > Login Methods.
    2. Select which login methods to allow. Note that if you set up SAML with app.controlup.com, you must allow Sign-in with SAML SSO.
      Sign-in with Azure prerequisites
      If you are using Azure OAuth to sign in to your environment, then you need to perform prerequisites in Azure. For details, see Azure OAuth for DEX
    3. Click Save.

    For more details, see Login Methods Overview.

    Step 3 - Configure roles and permissions

     Before you invite your users and they create their DEX accounts, you might want to review your settings for roles and permissions. Permissions granted to a DEX account are related to:

    • Edge DX (physical device monitoring, unified communications monitoring, and user sentiment).
    • Scoutbees synthetic monitoring.
    • Modifying access control settings in the DEX platform.

    To view app.controlup.com's settings for Roles, go to Global settings > Roles.

    There are default user roles (Admin, Editor, Viewer), and you can create new roles with customized permissions. Click here for more details about permissions.

    Step 4 - Add your users

    You can now add the rest of your team to the DEX platform.

    If you are using SAML to access app.controlup.com, a user account is automatically created when a new user signs in to your environment with SAML. The user is assigned the Default Role configured in your SAML settings. In this case, send your users to your ControlUp SAML URL, and they can sign in with SAML.

    If you are not using SAML to access app.controlup.com, you can manually invite your users by their email address. To invite users:

    1. Go to Global settings > User Settings > Invite Users.
    2. Enter the email addresses of the users to invite, select a role for each user, and click Send Invites.

    For more details, see Users and Permissions.

    Step 5 - Confirm that you can access your VDI & DaaS environment

    After signing in to the DEX platform with your DEX account, you can access your VDI & DaaS environment.

    1. Click on the VDI & DaaS section on the left side of the screen:AccessYourVDIEnvironment1
    2. If you use LDAP to access Solve, sign in using your UPN and password. If you use SAML to access Solve, then you must enable SAML in DEX before you can access your VDI & DaaS environment.

    After signing in, you can see your VDI & DaaS environment. VDIThroughDEX

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