8.8 - New Solve Actions
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    8.8 - New Solve Actions

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    New Solve Actions in 8.8

    Built-In ActionViewCategory
    Disable Delivery GroupFoldersCVAD Management
    Disable Drain ModeMachinesAVD Management
    Disable GatewayGatewaysNetscaler Management
    Disable Horizon FarmFoldersHorizon Management
    Disable Horizon PoolFoldersHorizon Management
    Disable Horizon Pool/Farm ProvisioningFoldersHorizon Management
    Disable Load BalancerLoad BalancerNetscaler Management
    Disable Maintenance ModeMachinesCVAD Management
    Disable RDS ServerMachinesHorizon Management
    Enable Delivery GroupFoldersCVAD Management
    Enable Drain ModeMachinesAVD Management
    Enable GatewayGatewaysNetscaler Management
    Enable Horizon FarmFoldersHorizon Management
    Enable Horizon PoolFoldersHorizon Management
    Enable Horizon Pool/Farm ProvisioningFoldersHorizon Management
    Enable Load BalancerLoad BalancerNetscaler Management
    Enable Maintenance ModeMachinesCVAD Management
    Enable RDS ServerMachinesHorizon Management
    Import RegistrySessionsSession Management
    Kill PolicySessionsSession Management
    Power off (stop) for Azure machinesMachinesCloud Management
    Reapply Azure MachineMachinesCloud Management
    Reapply Group PolicySessionsGroup Policy
    Restart for Azure machinesMachinesCloud Management
    Screenshot with user approvalSessions / ProcessesSession Management
    Screenshot with user notificationSessions / ProcessesSession Management
    Start for Azure machinesMachinesCloud Management
    Stop (Deallocate) VM for Azure machinesMachinesCloud Management

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