Data Upload Settings
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    Data Upload Settings

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    Click the Data Upload tab to access the Data Upload Settings page, where you can configure settings that define how ControlUp uploads data to the cloud servers.


    This personal setting isn't global. If you clear the AppData folder it won't be applied anymore.

    Incident Reporting

    In Incident Reporting, select the Incidents Reporting checkbox to enable incident triggers defined in your ControlUp organization to record entries in the cloud database. When this setting is enabled, ControlUp records an incident entry in the cloud incidents database every time a condition is detected that matches one of the triggers defined in your organization. This allows past incidents to be investigated in the Incidents pane, and for alerts to be received by email or through the ControlUp Mobile App.

    The Incidents Reporting checkbox is selected by default. When this option is disabled, incidents are not reported to the cloud, and all alerting and historical analysis of incidents are disabled.

    Data Upload for ControlUp Insights

    In Data Upload for ControlUp Insights, select the Upload historical activity for display in ControlUp Insights checkbox to enable the ControlUp Monitor instances in your organization to upload activity data for the purpose of displaying reports in Insights.

    The Upload historical activity for display in ControlUp Insights checkbox is selected by default. When this option is disabled, no data will be uploaded to Insights or shown in the reports.

    Upload Bandwidth Limit

    In Upload Bandwidth Limit, you can set a bandwidth limit for the activity data upload process, or select the Unlimited option. By default, the Unlimited option is enabled.

    Daily Upload Statistics

    In Daily Upload Statistics, the average and maximum volumes of data uploaded daily to the Insights portal are displayed.

    Upload Schedule

    In Upload Schedule, you can select an existing schedule from the menu for the data upload process. The menu also includes the options Add new schedule and Manage schedules for configuring new schedules and editing existing schedules.

    To add a new schedule:

    1. Click Add new schedule. A dialog box opens for creating the new schedule.
    2. Select the time slots for the new schedule.
    3. Click OK.

    By default, the upload schedule is unrestricted, and activity data is uploaded automatically as needed.

    Click Manage schedules to edit or remove an existing schedule. The Manage Schedules window associated with the Schedule tab opens. See Schedule Settings for more information about the Manage Schedules window.

    Note that restricting the upload schedule and limiting the upload bandwidth may cause ControlUp Insights to fail to display up-to-date information. In extreme cases, if schedule and bandwidth are insufficient to upload activity data in a timely manner, ControlUp might discard activity data which will cause report data to be lost permanently. It is recommended that you consult with Support before you modify these settings.

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