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    Display Settings

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    The Display Settings tab allows you to select display preferences, such as whether you would like to show or hide system sessions, full machine names, and navigation history.

    This personal setting isn't global. If you clear the AppData folder it won't be applied anymore.

    Also, you have an option to change Theme Color (Dark\Light).

    Display SettingDescription
    Show Machines With ErrorsDisplay machines on the information grid even if their connection status is currently in error. This option can be disabled to support scenarios in which not all machines are accessible or powered on.
    Show Powered Off MachinesDisplay machines for which the hypervisor layer has reported a Powered Off status.
    Show Published ApplicationsDisplay Published Applications in the Application View.
    Show Recommendations for Non-Stressed MetricsDisplays the icon to launch recommended actions on all metrics. 
    Show ApplicationsIn the Applications View, display aggregation rows for processes discovered by ControlUp Agent.
    Show Agentless Managed VMsDisplay machines discovered via hypervisors, EUC environments, or AWS, to which the ControlUp Agent has not been deployed.
    Show Agentless Managed SessionsDisplay sessions discovered via an EUC environment connection, hosted on machines to which ControlUp Agent has not been deployed.
    Show System SessionsBy default, the System(1) and Services(0) sessions are hidden on server machines in ControlUp, so the only sessions you see are real human users. Enable this checkbox to display the system and services sessions.
    Enable GroupingShows the grouping bar above the information grid, which allows for dragging any column header to the bar to group records by that column.
    Show Full Machine Namesthis checkbox determines whether the Organization Tree should show full machine names (FQDNs) or flat names.
    Show Navigation BarDisplay the Back and Forward buttons above the information grid.
    Show Navigation HistoryDisplay the History dropdown above the information grid.
    Show Actions Task PaneDisplay available management actions in a separate pane on the right.
    Show Configuration Error BalloonIn case of an error during an update to the central configuration, display a balloon in the status bar indicating that not all changes may be saved.
    Show Parent View RecordWhen this option is enabled and a record is double clicked or focused on, the information grid will display the parent record information on top of the grid as well as its child objects below.
    Show the option to add EUC EnvironmentDisplay the Add EUC Environment button in the ribbon (under the Home tab).

    ControlUp includes a full screen mode, which can be invoked by pressing F11. To have ControlUp open in full screen mode automatically, specify the /fullscreen command line parameter in the shortcut used for launching the console executable.

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