Employee Sentiment Overview
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    Employee Sentiment Overview

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    WIth the Employee Sentiment feature, you can create and distribute custom surveys to your employees or end users.


    • Windows or macOS devices with Edge DX Agent version 2.14 or higher.
    • Devices must have Windows notifications enabled to receive surveys. In Windows, go to Settings > System > Notifications and make sure notifications are turned on and enabled for the SurveyToaster application.

    General process overview

    Follow these steps to get started with User Sentiment surveys.

    Step 1 - Create a survey Template

    A survey Template defines all the content that a user sees and interacts with when they receive a survey. When you create a survey Template, you create the list of questions in the survey and customize the survey's appearance. The survey Template is not sent to any users until you publish a survey based on that template. Templates are reusable, letting you easily publish multiple surveys based on the same Template. Learn more about survey templates.

    To create a survey Template, go to the Templates tab and click Add New Template.

    Add Survey Template.png

    Step 2 - Publish a survey

    When you publish a new survey, you select:

    • Which survey Template to used
    • When and how the survey is sent
    • Who receives the survey.

    After you publish a survey, it appears in the list of surveys. Learn more about publishing surveys.

    To publish the survey, go to the Surveys tab and click Add New Survey.
    New Survey Button.png

    Step 3 - View survey results

    After you publish a survey and users start completing the survey, you can view survey results in the Surveys tab by clicking on the name of a survey.

    The Summary tab gives an overview of survey responses, and the Reports tab contains the details for each question in the survey.


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