Zoom Integration
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    Zoom Integration

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    Article summary

    This article covers how to set up the Zoom integration with Edge DX for Unified Communications Monitoring.


    To set up the integration with Edge DX, you need Admin permissions on your company Zoom account.

    Zoom API access and rate limits
    Some Zoom account types may not support the required API access. It is also possible that you can exceed your API rate limit if you have a lot of Zoom meetings. Learn more about Zoom API rate limits for different Zoom account plans

    Step 1 - Create the application in Zoom

    1. Sign in to the Zoom Marketplace with an account that has developer access.
    2. In the Zoom Marketplace, click Build Legacy App.Zoom1-BuildApp(2)
    3. Agree to Zoom's API Licence and Terms of Use.Zoom2-Agreement(1)
    4. Under Server-to-Server OAuth, click Create.Zoom3-ServerToServer
    5. Enter a name for the App and click Create.Zoom4-AppName

    Step 2 - Copy application credentials to Edge DX

    After you create the application, the App Credentials tab contains three credentials. You must copy these values and paste them into Edge DX.Zoom5-AppCredentials

    1. Open Edge DX and go to Configuration > Settings > Unified Communication.Zoom6-ConfigInEdgeDX
    2. Fill in the Account ID, Client ID, and Client Secret Value fields by copying the pasting the values from Zoom. Do not click Configure.

    Step 3 - Configure event subscriptions in Zoom

    1. In the Zoom app configuration page, go to the Information tab and fill in all of the fields.Zoom-ExtraInfo
    2. Go to the Feature tab and enable the Events Subscriptions toggle.Zoom7-EnableEventSubscriptions
    3. Click Add Event Subscription.Zoom8-AddEventSubscription
    4. Copy the Webhook URL from the Zoom integration setup page in Edge DX and paste it into the Event notification endpoint URL field.Zoom9-CopyWebhookURLZoom9-EventURL1
    5. Enter a forward slash ( / ) after the Webhook URL that you just pasted into the Event notification endpoint URL field. 
    6. Copy the Secret Token and paste it after the forward slash ( / ) you entered into the Event notification endpoint URL field.
    7. Click Validate to ensure that you entered the URL correctly.Zoom12-ValidateEvent
    8. Click Add Events.Zoom11-AddEvents
    9. Add the End Meeting event from the Meeting tab.Zoom13-EventSelection
    10. Click Save to save your Event Subscription settings.

    Step 4 - Configure scopes/permissions in Zoom

    1. In the Zoom app configuration page, go to the Scopes tab and click Add Scopes.Zoom14-AddScopes
    2. Select the following scopes:
      • View end of meeting survey summary (dashboard:read:post_meeting_feedback:admin)
      • View meeting participants' quality of service (dashboard:read:list_meeting_participants_qos:admin)
      • View meeting participants' metrics (dashboard:read:list_meeting_participants:admin)
      • View a meeting's metrics (dashboard:read:meeting:admin)
      • View meetings metrics (dashboard:read:list_meetings:admin)

    Note for Zoom classic scopes
    The permissions listed above are for Zoom Granular Scopes. If you have an existing integration, you might be using Zoom Classic Scopes. If you are using Classic Scopes, add the following scopes:

    • In the Meeting tab, select View all user meetings
    • In the Dashboard tab, select allscoped except View sub account's Dashboard data

    Step 5 - Complete the integration

    1. In the Zoom app configuration page, go to the Activation tab and click Activate your app.
    2. In Edge DX, click Configure to complete the integration setup.Zoom16-ConfigureButton

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