User Session Hangs Due to cuAgentHelper.exe
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User Session Hangs Due to cuAgentHelper.exe

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The cuAgentHelper is a helper process that is running inside a published app session. This process is related to our Active Application feature.

When the ControlUp Agent is running on a Citrix machine and the Active Application feature is active, the agent checks if the registry key LogoffCheckSysModules exists and does the following:

  1. If the registry key exists, it adds the cuAgentHelper.exe process name to it
  2. If the registry key doesn't exist, it creates the key with the cuAgentHelper.exe value

*The usage of this registry key is embedded in the design of the Active Application feature.
*The location and details of the registry key are:

  • HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Citrix\wfshell\TWI
  • Value Name: LogoffCheckSysModules
  • Type: REG_SZ
  • String: cuAgentHelper.exe


User sessions are not logged off due to the cuAgentHelper process not closing.


The registry key is read when launching a published application. For example, Citrix closes the session only for the published application process that was used. If there is another process like cuAgentHelper that was created, since it's not associated with the published application, Citrix doesn't want to force close this process and the logoff hangs.

This is the Citrix article that refers to this regkey value:


  1. Make sure the ControlUp Agent on the machine is up to date with the latest version (recommended).
  2. Check if there is a Group Policy Object or Group Policy Preference (GPO/GPP) that overrides the value the agent is setting.
    • If you have a GPO/GPP in place, add the cuAgentHelper.exe to it.
    • If you don't have a GPO/GPP in place and you don't see the value, contact our support for further assistance at

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