Configuring Shared Credentials

The ControlUp Console allows you to set a Shared Credential for use with your configured Hypervisor, XenDesktop, and Netscaler connections. 

In order to configure a Shared Credential, go to Settings > Monitors then click the Settings button.

If the credential you want to share is already configured, simply check the box under the "Shared" column to share it with your users. 

If not, click "Add Credential Set" to add the credential to the Monitor.

Add the account information for the new Shared Credential, checking the "Share credentials with authorized users" box.

Organizational Users can not use a Shared Credential. You must create a Security Role in order to grant permission to use the shared credential. Once you've saved your credential as a shared credential, on the bottom of your Console click the Security Policy Pane and open the permissions tree for "Perform organization-wide actions"

Scroll down to the bottom of the Organization-wide permissions tree to "Shared Credentials Store" choose the Security Role you wish to grant permissions to, and set that permission to "Allow"

Once you have created the Shared Credential, and granted permissions to users to make use of it, it will become available to set in the Connection Settings of your Hypervisors, XenDesktop Sites, Cloud, and Netscaler Connections.

Notes on Shared Credentials: 

  • The Shared Credentials metadata (including the friendly name, username and domain name) is stored in the organization public configuration store.
  • The shared password is stored in the private configuration store (located in the %AppData% folder of the Monitor network service or the console user profile) encrypted with DPAPI encryption ( and never leaves the customers premise 
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