Column Presets
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    Column Presets

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    Use presets to quickly switch views on a Discovery grid or Report grid. Select from out-of-the-box presets, or create a custom preset.

    Select a Preset

    The currently selected preset is indicated at the top right of the grid or report. Click this icon to change the preset.

    You can select from presets that have been configured for the view you are currently in. Available presets include those that you have created, others have created and shared, or ControlUp has created as an out-of-the-box preset.

    Presets are context-sensitive

    Presets are unique to the context in which they are created. For example, if you create a preset in the Machines view, you can't select that preset in the User Sessions view.

    Create and Customize a Preset

    With a custom preset, you can set:

    • Which columns to display
    • The order of the columns
    • Which filters to apply

    To create a new preset:

    1. Click on the preset selector at the top-right of the grid and click the plus icon.


    If you only need to make small changes from an existing preset, you can duplicate an existing preset instead of starting from scratch.

    1. Enter a name for the preset and press Enter.

    2. Customize your new preset by changing the columns.

      Select the column picker at the top right of the real-time grid or historical report.

      The left side of the window shows all of the available columns. The right side shows the currently displayed columns. You can add and remove columns to the list of displayed columns, and rearrange the order that they appear.

    3. Add filters to your new preset. For example, you might want to use this preset to see only machines with a CPU utilization greater than 50%.

      You can now use your new preset to quickly see exactly the data you need.

    Important: Presets Auto-Save

    Presets auto-save any changes you make while the preset is selected. If you change columns or filters while viewing a certain preset, then the preset is updated with the changes you made.

    Share Presets

    After you have created a custom preset, you can share it so your colleagues can use the preset.

    To share a preset, you must have Manage Web Application permissions. Any other user with Manage Web Application permissions can remove sharing for the preset. If a user removes sharing for a preset, the preset is visible only to the user who created the preset. Only the user who originally created and shared the preset can edit or delete the preset.

    Shared presets automatically save changes

    If you share a preset and then edit the preset (for example, by filtering or sorting columns), then the shared preset automatically updates and all other users will see your changes.

    To share a preset:

    1. In the preset selector, click the 3 dots next to the preset you want to share.

    2. Select Share and agree to share the preset.

    The preset is now available to all users in your organization. Shared presets are indicated by with the sharing iconSharedPresetIcon.png.

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