Communication requirements for Scoutbees
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    Communication requirements for Scoutbees

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    This article covers the prerequisites for using Scoutbees for synthetic monitoring. For additional information, visit the following articles:


    Depending on your region, the following endpoints must be available via TCP port 443 (HTTPS)

    US Region


    EU Region


    IP Addresses used for Alerts

    Alert notifications are sent from the following IP addresses:

    • US Region:
    • EU Region:

    Custom Hive connections

    Custom Hivewss:// or wss:// (EU region)WS over HTTPSCreate a secured WebSocket connection between the custom hive and Scoutbees cloud-based backend
    Custom Hive or (EU region)HTTPSSend test results to Scoutbees metrics database
    Custom HiveStoreFront/NetScalerHTTP/SGet published resources and open a session
    Custom HiveVDAsWebSocket (default port: 8008)Open a WebSocket (encapsulated HDX) session to a relevant VDA. Relevant only for internal StoreFront type Scouts.
    Custom HiveXenDesktop BrokersHTTP/SGet session and machine metrics and metadata about the tested published resource. Relevant only for internal Citrix Storefront type Scouts
    Custom HiveVMware Horizon Connection ServerHTTPSConnect to Horizon HTML client
    Custom HiveVMware Unified Access GatewayHTTPSConnect to Horizon HTML client

    Custom Hive prerequisite for Citrix Storefront Scouts

    You will need to allow WebSocket based sessions on the relevant delivery groups in the Citrix Virtual Desktops (formerly XenDesktop) policy to allow the headless runner to connect to the published resources. To do so, perform the following:

    1. Go to the Group Policy Management Console or Citrix Studio to configure HDX policies.
    2. Select the WebSockets connections policy setting, and allow WebSockets connections.


    1. Assign to the relevant Delivery Group and Enable the policy.

    Cloud Hive Locations

    Cloud Hive LocationHive Name (API)IP Addresses
    EU (Frankfurt)eu-central-
    US East (North Virginia)us-east-
    Asia (Sydney)ap-southeast-
    Nordics (Oslo)norwayeast51.107.209.81
    Asia East (Hong Kong)eastasia20.239.181.137
    US West (Seattle)westus220.80.190.2
    South India (Chennai)southindia20.235.18.189
    UK (London)eu-west-
    Africa (Cape Town)af-south-
    South Central US (Texas)southcentralus20.165.26.222
    Canada (Montreal)ca-central-
    Brazil (Sao Paulo)sa-east-

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