ControlUp Architecture - On-Premises
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    ControlUp Architecture - On-Premises

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    The following drawing is a high-level overview of ControlUp architecture when working in On-Premises mode:


    For details on the following, click each link:

    On-Premises backend components

    ControlUp On-Premises Server

    The ControlUp On-Premises server is powered by a Windows server which is designed to provide the functionality of the ControlUp Cloud Server within the customer’s network. After configuring the On-Premises Server, all ControlUp consoles and Monitor service instances running in the customer’s network will connect to the On-Premises Server which provides login, licensing, central configuration, and database services for the Consoles and Monitors services..

    The ControlUp On-Premises server is designed primarily for environments in which Internet connection is limited or blocked, or in which regulation does not permit organizational data to be stored outside the company’s network.
    The ControlUp On-Premises Server requires the following software components:

    1. Windows Server 2012/R2 or higher
    2. .NET Framework 4.8
    3. Lightweight Directory Services
    4. IIS services
    5. ControlUp Web Services hosted on IIS
    6. MS SQL database: 2019, 2017, 2016, 2014. These can be Express, Standard, and Enterprise editions.

    During the initial login phase, ControlUp consoles and Monitor services instances authenticate themselves against the On-Premises server using either the user’s account token or an explicitly provided AD username and password.

    The authentication protocol between the console/monitor instances and the On-Premises server is based on Windows Authentication (HTTP 401 Challenge) over HTTPS.

    ControlUp Insights On-Premises Server

    The ControlUp Insights On-Premises server is a query database server that runs on the customer’s network, facilitating the use of ControlUp Insights On-Premise for analytics and reporting. The server is an internal data collector which processes and creates data models to allow advanced reporting and analytics capabilities without any external network connection.

    ControlUp In-RAM Database

    A proprietary database is used by each ControlUp Console/Monitor service instance to store all real-time performance and configuration data gathered by the data collection agents. This database is a volatile database, which exists only when the console/monitor executable is running. The Security Policy within the Console allows for proper role-based maintenance of the various features within the Console. The in-RAM data retention policy allows up to 100 historical transactions per counter.

    ControlUp Configuration Database

    The ControlUp central configuration is hosted on a Lightweight Directory Services database.

    The configuration database for an on-premise deployment is stored on the ControlUp On-Premises server running inside the customer network.

    For more details on the configuration database, see ControlUp Architecture & Security Concepts > Configuration Database.

    ControlUp Incidents Database

    Incidents in ControlUp are stored in the SQL database which you need to deploy.
    For details on the Incidents Database, see ControlUp Architecture & Security Concepts > Incidents Database.

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