Failed to replace agent
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    Failed to replace agent

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    Article Summary


    When you try to connect to an endpoint after upgrading to a new ControlUp Real-Time Console version, the Console is trying to upgrade the agent but fails with error:

    Error message

    Failed to replace files to match version X. Failed to terminate the server agent machine X.



    The reasons for this issue could be:

    1. Permissions
    2. Connection
    3. WMI repository issue

    Possible Solution

    To troubleshoot connection issues, you can use ControlUp's integrated diagnostics tools against the remote machine:

    1. Ping to test connectivity
    2. Admin$ to verify administrative rights
    3. Test WMI - to check the WMI repository


    In case you have connection issues, refer to the Troubleshooting Connections Issues To Managed Computers article.

    By running the Test WMI diagnostics, you are trying to execute the following command: wmic /NODE:computername /user:domain\username SERVICE list Full

    If it fails, try to run the command locally on the target endpoint to verify this is not a connection issue and is a WMI issue.

    If you see that the WMI repository on the remote machine where you want to upgrade the agent is corrupt, we suggest you run winmgmt /salvagerepository in a command prompt on the remote machine.

    To verify the issue is resolved, you can run wmic service list full and see if you get results back:

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