ControlUp Overview and Architecture
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    ControlUp Overview and Architecture

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    Now that you have created your ControlUp organization, read this article to learn about ControlUp products and how to get started.

    Architecture Diagram

    Before the installation, you should be familiar with the different components and their functionalities. Read below for more details on the components and how to install them.

    ControlUp for Physical Endpoints & Apps

    ControlUp for Physical Endpoints & Apps is a cloud-based monitoring solution for physical devices, unified communication and collaboration tools, and user experience.

    To get started and set up your environment, follow the instructions in First Steps for ControlUp for Physical Endpoints & Apps.

    Physical device monitoring

    In the Devices tab, you can monitor and manage physical devices. You can do things like:

    • Monitor your users' home networks to troubleshoot wireless network signal strength, latency and bandwidth problems, and more.
    • Perform remote assistance on a device by taking control or shadowing, and accessing a remote shell.
    • Monitor device performance and health metrics.
    • Configure automated remediation to resolve issues as soon as they occur.
    • Find devices with issues using a variety of reports.


    Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C)

    Monitor the performance of Microsoft Teams and Zoom in your environment and reduce support costs using the UC&C module. You can do things like:

    • See real-time call performance and find users currently having a bad call experience using the Live Callers Dashboard. Be proactive and solve these problems in real-time before they lead to support calls and frustrated users.
    • Use the Microsoft Teams and Zoom dashboards to get detailed call performance information. Drill down into a specific call to find the root cause of a problem and reduce your troubleshooting time.
    • Set up alerts so that you are notified as soon as there is a UC&C problem.
    • Set up automatic remediation to fix UC&C issues before they start affecting your users.


    User Sentiment

    Your end-users' experience can't always be measured numerically. Use the User Sentiment module to create and distribute surveys to discover whether your users are satisfied with their work technology and experience.

    User Sentiment.png

    ControlUp for VDI & DaaS

    Monitor your VDI infrastructure and proactively resolve issues for EUC platforms, including:

    • Real-time monitoring for EUC platforms and workloads.
    • Historical troubleshooting and analysis.
    • Automated remediation.

    To get started and set up your environment, follow the instructions in First Steps for ControlUp for VDI & DaaS.

    VDI and DaaS.png

    Synthetic Monitoring

    Proactive synthetic performance and availability testing is available for both ControlUp for Physical Endpoints and ControlUp for VDI & DaaS.

    To get started with Synthetic Monitoring, read Welcome to Scoutbees.
    Synthetic Monitoring.png

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