How to Check Network Connectivity to ControlUp Cloud Services
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    How to Check Network Connectivity to ControlUp Cloud Services

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    Article Summary

    Enabling outbound traffic to our backend servers is a prerequisite for working with ControlUp. We created a PowerShell script which allows you to test access to outbound URLs required by the monitor and console machines

    The script resolves all required DNS server names and attempts to connect to each of them. Make sure that all servers are DNS servers are reachable to ensure all your ControlUp components operate as designed.

    Test Connectivity for Different ControlUp Products

    The script allows you to test connectivity for a particular ControlUp product, such as Real-Time DX, Edge DX, or Scoutbees. You will need to provide the product name in the CUProduct argument, as shown below:

    • RealtimeDXMonitor. Run network tests for monitor machines.
    • RealtimeDXConsole. Run network tests for console machines.
    • EdgeDX. Run network tests from machines on which web browsers access the Edge DX UI.
    • Citrix Cloud. Run network tests from the data collector assigned to monitor your Citrix cloud environment.
    • Microsoft Azure. Run network tests from the data collector assigned to monitor your Microsoft Azure subscription.
    • Scoutbees. Run network tests from your custom hives.

    Prerequisites for Real-Time DX Check

    To check network connectivity from your monitor machine, follow extra steps as the script needs to be executed by the same user account that is being used to run the ControlUp Monitor service (cuMonitor).

    Download both files and place them onto the monitor machine:

    Check Connectivity from Monitor Machines


    Follow the steps below for each monitor machine. Make sure that all required URLs are reachable.

    1. Run PowerShell as an Administrator.
    2. For the PowerShell session, set the PowerShell execution policy to Bypass with Set-ExecutionPolicy Bypass
    3. Change the directory where both files are located and run the following command to check the service user that runs the monitor service .\Network_Check_V7.ps1 -checksvcuser True
    4. Run .\PsExec.exe -i -u "NT AUTHORITY\NetworkService" powershell.exe. Make sure you provide the same service user in the -u parameter.
    5. This runs a new PowerShell prompt which is now running under the context of the ControlUp Monitor service user. You can now run the network check script:

    Run the Network Check Script:

    1. Provide the product name in the CUProduct parameter. You can also define the geographical region in the Location parameter
      • As an EU customer, provide the Location EU
      • As a Non-EU customer, provide NonEU
        For example, run the .\Network_Check_V7.ps1 -CUProduct RealtimeDXMonitor
    2. The table below shows the script output and as you can see, the Success values indicate a successful connection to all required URLs for the ControlUp Monitor.
    3. The script saves the output to an XML file which you can find in the %appdata%\Local\Temp folder of the service user.

    Check Connectivity from Console Machines

    Real-Time Console also requires access to specific outbound URLs. To check connectivity from your console machine, run the following command:

    .\Network_Check_V7.ps1 -CUProduct RealtimeDXConsole

    Check Connectivity for Edge DX

    For Edge DX, you need to provide the name of your Edge DX tenant:

    .\Network_Check_V7.ps1 -CUProduct EdgeDX -edgetenant [Name of your Edge Tenant]

    Check Connectivity for Scoutbees

    The script can also check access to URLs required by Scoutbees. Run the following command:

    .\Network_Check_V7.ps1 -CUProduct Scoutbees

    Check Connectivity for Citrix Cloud

    If you want to integrate Citrix Cloud Configuration with Real-Time DX, you need to verify connectivity from your console, monitor, and data collector machines. Run the following command on each of those machines:

    .\Network_Check_V7.ps1 -CUProduct "Citrix Cloud"

    Check Connectivity for Azure

    For the Getting Started with Azure in ControlUp, the URL needs to be accessible from the machine that will call Azure's API - the data collector.

    .\Network_Check_V7.ps1 -CUProduct "Microsoft Azure"

    Check Connectivity for All Products

    Run the following command to run the test for all products. Since this command includes Edge, you will also need to provide the organization name for your Edge DX tenant.
    .\Network_Check_V7.ps1 -CUProduct All -edgetenant MyOrgName

    Test URL connectivity in the EU or Non-EU region using the location parameter:
    .\Network_Check_V7.ps1 -CUProduct All -edgetenant MyOrgName -location EU


    If you get the error The PsExec service running on --- is an incompatible version. after running the command, try stopping the service PSEXESVC and run the command again.

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