User Session Details Report
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    User Session Details Report

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    User Session Details

    The objective of this report is to allow the administrator to analyze the details of a specific user session by showing the user’s activity, along with the distribution of resources consumed by this activity during the session’s lifetime. This report answers questions such as:

    • Which applications did Jane Doe launch during her session yesterday afternoon?
    • How was the CPU affected by the user’s launching a business application at 4:00 PM?
    • Can slowness reported by the user around 9:00 AM be attributed to a resource bottleneck caused by the user’s applications or to other activity on the same server?

    This report is not accessible directly from the left menu of ControlUp Insights. It can be accessed only by clicking a row in the Sessions Activity report.

    The report header displays general information about the user session (name, ID, logon and logoff times, session duration, initial program, and the logon duration statistics)

    Below the header, the Session Details report features a Gantt chart of the user’s activity over time. This chart includes the following activities:

    • User logon
    • Session state transitions
    • Transitions between different client computers
    • Applications launched by the user
    • Background processes launched in the session (not displayed by default, can be enabled by checking the “Show background processes” checkbox in the top right area of the report)

    Below the Gantt chart, this report displays a series of performance metrics charts which are intended to provide a means of correlating user activity with changes in resource consumption over time. The following charts are shown:

    • CPU Utilization (percentage of total computer CPU)
    • RAM Utilization (in Gigabytes)
    • I/O Utilization (in IOPS)
    • Protocol latency (in ms)

    The distinction between the user and computer series enables the administrator to identify any irregular CPU consumption and attribute it to either the user’s activity, or to load generated by other users or background services on the same computer.

    The following additional functionality is offered by this report:

    • Any data point in the charts can be clicked to reveal the minimum, average, and maximum values for any data series.
    • When clicked, any data point in the CPU, RAM and I/O charts will reveal the top consumers for that counter at the given point in time.
    • The series names in the charts legends can be clicked to highlight or toggle the series on the charts.


    More details about Data Resolution in Insights Reports can be found here

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