Cloud Locations Used by ControlUp Products
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    Cloud Locations Used by ControlUp Products

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    Article summary

    The following article provides an overview of cloud endpoints used by ControlUp. For a complete list of the communication requirements for deploying ControlUp, visit the following articles:

    IP Allowlist

    Note that if you are using IP allowlisting on your firewall, it is important to regularly update your allowlist with the latest IP addresses of our services.

    ControlUp DEX Platform Access

    Host NameIPCloud ServiceCloud Service RegionService
    app.controlup.com20.168.200.122AzureUSDEX Web Console & license server
    app.controlup.com20.4.63.242AzureEuropeDEX Web Console & license server
    app.controlup.com20.220.227.160AzureCanadaDEX Web Console & license server

    Real-Time DX

    Host NameIPCloud ServiceCloud Service RegionService
    AWSEurope (Ireland)Real-Time DX login services
    AWSUS East (N. Virginia)Real-Time DX login services
    AWSEurope (Ireland)Real-Time DX configuration services
    AWSUS East (N. Virginia)Real-Time DX configuration services
    AWSUS East (N. Virginia)Real-Time DX configuration services
    AWSEurope (Frankfurt)Real-Time DX configuration services
    AWSEurope (Frankfurt)Real-Time DX configuration services
    monitor-receiver-azure-eastus-prod.controlup.com20.168.200.122AzureUS EastReport and historical data uploads US and rest of world
    monitor-receiver-azure-westeurope-prod.controlup.com20.4.63.242AzureEuropeReport and historical data uploads EU only
    monitor-receiver-azure-canadacentral-prod.controlup.com20.220.227.160AzureCanadaReport and historical data uploads Canada only
    cu-ca-us.controlup.comDynamic IPsAWSUS East (N. Virginia)Real-Time DX Centralized Auditing services
    cu-ca-eu.controlup.comDynamic IPsAWSEurope (Ireland)Real-Time DX Centralized Auditing services
    AWSUS East (N. Virginia)Real-Time DX <> Solve query engine East (N. Virginia)Real-Time DX / historical data uploads (Frankfurt)Real-Time DX / historical data uploads
    app.controlup.com20.168.200.122AzureUSReal-Time DX login services
    app.controlup.com20.4.63.242AzureEuropeReal-Time DX login services
    app.controlup.com20.220.227.160AzureCanadaReal-Time DX login services
    AWSUS East (N. Virginia)Solve Web Console
    insights-hec.controlup.comDynamic IPsAWSUS East (N. Virginia)HTTP Event Collector (HEC) Endpoint - telemetry data from ControlUp Monitors
    insights.controlup.comDynamic IPsAWSUS East (N. Virginia)Web Console
    AWSEurope (Frankfurt)Network Load Balancer for GDPR Frontend services
    AWSEurope (Frankfurt)Uploader Web Service

    Edge DX

    Host NameCloud ServiceUsed for
    [tenant].sip.controlup.comAzureEdge DX Portal
    edgedx-functions.azurewebsites.netAzureFirst-time registration of Edge DX tenant
    downloads.sip.controlup.comAzureAgent downloads CloudDisplay geolocation

    Cloud Locations Used by Edge DX

    Edge DX hosts in the following Azure locations

    • US East (Virginia)
    • Central US (Iowa)
    • Canada Central (Toronto)
    • Germany North (Berlin)
    • West Europe (Amsterdam)
    • Sweden Central (Galve)
    • France Central (Paris)
    • Switzerland North (Zurich)
    • UAE North (Dubai)
    • Central India (Pune)


    This section provides an overview of all external connections used by Scoutbees.

    Scoutbees Endpoints

    These endpoints are used by Scoutbees. Make sure you have enabled them via TCP port 443 (HTTPS).

    US Region


    EU Region


    IP Addresses used for Alerts

    Alert notifications are sent from the following IP addresses:

    • US Region:
    • EU Region:

    Cloud Locations Used by Scoutbees

    Cloud Hive LocationHive Name (API)IP Addresses
    EU (Frankfurt)eu-central-
    US East (North Virginia)us-east-
    Asia (Sydney)ap-southeast-
    Nordics (Oslo)norwayeast51.107.209.81
    Asia East (Hong Kong)eastasia20.239.181.137
    US West (Seattle)westus220.80.190.2
    South India (Chennai)southindia20.235.18.189
    UK (London)eu-west-
    Africa (Cape Town)af-south-
    South Central US (Texas)southcentralus20.165.26.222
    Canada (Montreal)ca-central-
    Brazil (Sao Paulo)sa-east-

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