Filter the Device List
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    Filter the Device List

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    The Devices page shows all devices that have the Edge DX Agent installed. There are many ways to filter and sort the list of devices to show only the devices you want to see.

    Filter Devices

    Thmany ways to filter and the list of devices to show only a specific subset of devices. You can filter devices based on:

    • Displayed columns
    • Nondisplayed column using the global filter selector
    • Device groups and tags

    To filter a displayed column:

    1. Find the column that you want to use as a filter. If there is a filter selector under the column name, then you can add filters for that column. For example, you can filter by the OS or Remote IP Address columns, but not the CPU Usage column since it shows a graph.

    2. Apply a filter to the column. You can either:

      • Enter text in the filter box to show only results containing the string you entered.
      • Select an item from the filter dropdown.
      • Click the filter icon for more filtering options such as excluding results containing a string, and adding multiple filter conditions with AND/OR logic. Note that if you use the global filters option, you can also filter strings using like, not like, and begins with filter criteria. Read below for details.

    To filter a displayed or nondisplayed column:

    1. Click Add filters at the top-left of the page to add global filters to the device list.

    2. Add one or more filter conditions based on the column you select. Note that you can select a column to filter even if that column is not currently displayed in your current grid preset.

    3. Click Apply Filters.

    To clear all filters:

    Click the Remove filters/sorters button at the top-right of the page to remove all fitlers.

    Filter Using Device Groups and Tags

    If you have organized your devices into groups and added tags, you can filter the devices list based on this information using the Device Group and Device Tag column as described above. Note that you have more fine control over the filters if you use apply global filters using the Add filters button at the top-left of the page.

    To learn more about device groups and tags, and what they can be used for, visit Organize Devices with Groups and Tags.

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