Integration with Microsoft Teams
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    Integration with Microsoft Teams

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    You can integrate Microsoft Teams with an alert policy to automatically send a message to a Microsoft Teams channel if there is an issue with a Scout.

    After you create the Microsoft Teams integration, you can select the integration as the notification method when you create an alert policy. For details, view Alert Policies.

    Prerequisite: Add a Webhook Connector in Microsoft Teams

    You must first add a webhook connector to the Microsoft Teams channel that will receive the alert notification. To do this, follow these steps:

    1. Go to the Microsoft Teams channel that you want to connect to Scoutbees.

    2. In the channel settings, select Connectors.

    3. Find Incoming Webhook connector and select Add.

    4. Select Configure to name the webhook and get the URL.

    5. Copy the webhook URL. You will need to paste this URL when you add the integration in Scoutbees.

    Add a Microsoft Teams Integration

    1. Click on your user at the top-right of the page, and select Integrations.

    2. Select Add Integration.

    3. Set the integration Service to Microsoft Teams.

    4. Enter a Name for the integration. This is the name used to manage your integrations in Scoutbees.

    5. Paste the Webhook URL of the Incoming Webook that you configured in Microsoft Teams (see the prerequisite instructions above).

    6. To test the Microsoft Teams integration before saving it, click Test. A test message from Scoutbees will be sent to the Microsoft Teams channel.

    7. Click Save to save the integration.

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