XenDesktop Integration PowerShell SDK Installation

ControlUp 6 introduced XenDesktop Integration. It is required that the XenDesktop PowerShell SDK will be installed on the machine that initiates the connection to the Citrix XenDesktop Broker.

This short article explains how to install the Citrix XenDesktop PowerShell SDK.

The machine which initiates the connection to the Citrix XenDesktop Broker could be the ControlUp Console or data collector, here are two screenshots, the first is of the Console being the data collector (that is the default settings) and the second screenshot is of a specific ControlUp agent defined as the data collector.

To change the data collector, right-click the XenDesktop Site and choose connection settings. 

The ControlUp Console is the data collector:

A ControlUp agent is defined as the data collector (remove the console\monitor):

The PowerShell SDK Snap-ins required are:

  1. AD Identity PowerShell Snap-in
  2. Broker PowerShell Snap-in
  3. Configuration PowerShell Snap-in
  4. Delegated Admin PowerShell Snap-in
  5. Host PowerShell Snap-in
  6. Machine Creation Services PowerShell Snap-in
  7. Configuration Logging PowerShell Snap-in
  8. Monitor PowerShell Snap-in

The above MSI installation files for these PowerShell Snap-ins are located in the Citrix XenDesktop media at the path: “<media_root>\x64\Citrix Desktop Delivery Controller”.

You can also download 7.9 SDK from here.

Alternatively, since the Citrix XenDesktop PowerShell SDK is a part of the Citrix Studio installation. It is viable to simply install Citrix Studio on the machine. See instructions below.

Step 1. Locate the Citrix XenDesktop installation media and run it.


Step 2. Click on Citrix Studio


Step 3. Agree to the terms and Click Next


Step 4. Verify the install path, and click Next


Step 5. Click Install and wait for the installation to finish.


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