Scheduled Triggers

Scheduled Triggers is now in beta release for v8.5 and will soon be available for general release. If you’d like to try it out, contact your ControlUp representative.

This version includes a one time action or a recurring action, with a 1-24 hour interval range.

Scheduled triggers is a new option you can select when configuring triggers in the Real-Time Console. You can set a schedule for when a chosen action is triggered, based on a one time or hourly schedule that you define. With scheduled triggers you can initiate a wide range of actions.


You can schedule and run two types of actions:

1. Run an action (“follow-up action”) at a time or schedule of your choice.

Use case example:

  • Power off and power on machines every morning. 

2. Run a follow-up action at a time or schedule of your choice, based on certain conditions (“filter editor”).

Use case examples:

  • Run a daily health check script action based on monitored metrics and send an output to selected    recipients.
  • Daily reboot VDA at 2 am if there are no active sessions for 15 minutes.

You configure scheduled triggers in the Real-Time Console > Setting > Triggers > Add Trigger wizard.
To configure a scheduled trigger:

  1. Select the schedule: One time or Hourly with a 1-24 hour interval range.
  2. (Optional) Configure conditions for your trigger using the Filter editor.
  3. Define the scope - the resources to which the trigger applies - and further refine the schedule for when the action occurs or recurs. For example, you may want to limit the schedule to Monday to Friday only.
  4. Define the follow-up actions, which include the following options:
  • Dump view/s to disk
  • Record as event in the Application Log
  • Send an e-mail alert using a local SMTP server
  • Run an action - a script action

     5. Name your trigger.

For more information on how to configure scheduled triggers, see Trigger Settings.






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