Scheduled Triggers

Scheduled triggers is a new option you can select when configuring triggers in the Real-Time Console. You can set a schedule for when a chosen action is triggered, based on a one time or hourly schedule that you define. With scheduled triggers you can initiate a wide range of actions.


You can schedule and run two types of actions:

1. Run an action (“follow-up action”) at a time or schedule of your choice.

Use case example:

  • Power off and power on machines every morning. 

2. Run a follow-up action at a time or schedule of your choice, based on certain conditions (“filter editor”).

Use case examples:

  • Run a daily health check script action based on monitored metrics and send an output to selected    recipients.
  • Daily reboot VDA at 2 am if there are no active sessions for 15 minutes.

You configure scheduled triggers in the Real-Time Console > Setting > Triggers > Add Trigger wizard.

To configure a scheduled trigger:

  1. Select the schedule: One time or Hourly with a 1-24 hour interval range.
  2. (Optional) Configure conditions for your trigger using the Filter editor.
  3. Define the scope - the resources to which the trigger applies - and further refine the schedule for when the action occurs or recurs. For example, you may want to limit the schedule to Monday to Friday only.
  4. Define the follow-up actions, which include the following options:
  • Dump view/s to disk
  • Record as event in the Application Log
  • Send an e-mail alert using a local SMTP server
  • Run an action - a script action

     5. Name your trigger.

For more information on how to configure scheduled triggers, see Trigger Settings.






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