Agent Settings
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    Agent Settings

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    In the Settings ribbon, click the Agent icon image.png to open the Agent Deployment Settings dialog box and select agent installation preferences from the following options:


    This personal setting isn't global. If you clear the AppData folder it won't be applied anymore.

    • Deploy agents automatically - If you select this option, the ControlUp Agent automatically deploys when machines are added to the console. If a machine is defined in the console tree but the agent doesn't exist on the endpoint, the monitor also reaches out to try to deploy the agents.
      • From version 9.0, this option doesn't apply to monitors. If you select this option, the console still automatically deploys the agents.
        Removed AD Dependency
        From version 9.0, you can deploy ControlUp Monitors on machines that are not joined to a local Active Directory (AD) domain. For details, see Removed AD Dependency for Monitors.
      • From versions earlier than 9.0, the AD account used by the monitor requires admin rights on the machines to deploy the agent.

    You can select to install agents manually if you don't want resources used to automatically check for and install updates on the monitored machines.

    • Check ping. To ensure connectivity, by default, the console machine pings all selected machines before the agent is installed to ensure connectivity.

    • Prerequisites check. Before deploying the agent, all selected machines are tested for .NET Framework presence. You can skip this check by unselecting this checkbox.

    • Default TCP port. The default port for inbound traffic is 40705. You may select a custom TCP port number for client communications using the Listen on port field in the bottom right corner of the window. Ensure that the port number you select is not used for any other applications on your network.

    • Auto-Connect Interval. Determines the time span between attempts to reconnect to agents if the auto-connect checkbox is enabled.

    • Agents will be uninstalled automatically when not used. When enabled, agents are automatically uninstalled when consoles or monitors aren't connected for a specific time limit (by default, 5 minutes).


      If the machine is a ControlUp Monitor, the agent will not uninstall.

    • Linux monitoring

      • You can select to install missing packages on Linux machines for agentless data collection.
      • You can allow users to add machines that are running unsupported Linux flavors

      We highly recommend not to add machines for unsupported Linux flavors as this could disrupt data collection. Perform this action at your own risk.

    • Customized icon for chat window. You can add a customized icon if you are using the chat functionality. Select this option and browse the local machine to locate and upload the icon image file.

    • Use only encrypted communication. For details on this option, see Agent Security Options in Agent Settings.

    • Download Agent MSI. Download the desktop MSI package for installing the agent, if you can't deploy the agents from the console.

    • Agents authentication key. For details, see Agent Security Options in Agent Settings.

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